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    Can't print PDF's

    Lakeland1982 Level 1

      I cannot print PDF documents and am running Adobe version 10.

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          pwillener Level 8

          What is your operating system?


          What is the full version of your Reader?  Have you tried updating to the latest version 10.1.3?

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            sonal2890 Adobe Employee

            Dear User,

            The information provided by you is not sufficient to decipher the problem. Can you please provide us some more like:

            1. What version you are exactly using? You can check the version from Adobe Reader->Help-> About Adobe Reader X. If it's not 10.1.3 then please update it from Adobe Reader-> Help-> 'Check for Updates'.

            2. What happens when you print using any other third party application like Notepad/ Word.

            3. What happens when you try printing with some other pdf? If the issue is any PDF specific then please do forward it to us at soaggarw@adobe.com

            4. What is your OS type, machine type (32 bit/64 bit), Printer name, Printer driver type(PS/PCL/GDI)?


            Looking forward to resolve your problem.