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    Flash CS 5.5 - I'm losing my sanity!

    Jabbo126 Level 1

      Hi everyone. As i love Adobe for all great products such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver - i'm really, really pissed off right now! Flash CS 5.5 is so incredibly buggy. I experienced crashes while saving files, then corrupting whole .fla file. I'm experiencing that when i insert something in my unfinished project for example from Illustrator everything just dissapears - the timeline is there, the assets in library are there, but nothing on the screen! I have Windows 7 64bit, 16GB RAM, over 30 GB cash memory (or page memory, don't kniw what it is in english) but it still very offten give me message that i'm "out of memory"! How can i be out of memery for god sake?? I have opened only my Flash app and just make something easy, like adding motion tween on my MC and suddenly - "you are out of memory" appears! I'm working 2 weeks on product presentation for my company in Flash and it is Hell! Now i save every succesfull step in separate .fla, so i have over 50 versions of it, becouse i'm afraid tahat it can crash any time and completly corrupt my file. And it happens very often.


      Ok - this product presentation is large one, it is 1280x720 with large number of 300 dpi HD photos. Of course - it is. So what - i'm not able to make this big, HD flash animation (becouse it may run on flatscreens in our company shops as a presentation)? Why not? Our company pay for Adobe Design premium a lot of money, so i expecting it will work properly. Now i'm stuck. I prepare every of my scenes in illustrator (so expet product photos it's all in vector), divide it in layers and then import into Flash scene. As far i have 5 scenes don this way successfully (with incredible amount of crashes and errors - didn't mention that stupid TLF text, wich is preset so if i forget to change it, my whole file go to hell - why?? Why is this text format causes so much trouble and why is it implicit???). Now i'm trying to import another, sixth scene from illustrator and it ends in two scenarios - either it completly crashes whole Flash app (with unexpectet error), or it import something, but it couses that everything dissapears - once again. There are timelines, but nothing on screen.


      Work, wich i may have done week ago is incredible pain for me now and i'm really pissed off. And it doesn't happend only in this large project, i experienced this unbeliveble problems just in small animations, like prop banner. Am I only who have this problems?


      Sorry for my outrage and bad english.

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          Jabbo126 Level 1

          An now i even can't import another AI file inside my flash project. Runtime error appears and whole app goes down ...

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            Jabbo126 Level 1

            I found very usefull solution to solve memory problem in Flash. So if you have this message abou lack of memory, try this:


            1. Download Explorer Suite from here: http://www.ntcore.com/exsuite.php

            2. Install it

            3. Back up your Flash.exe file in case this don't work for you

            4. You must have your Flash closed

            5. Then open Explorer Suit and find your Flash.exe

            6. In left menu find File header

            7. Choose Click here in last row next to Characteristics

            8. check the option App can handle > 2gb adress space

            9. Save and start Flash


            It helped me a lot, so i hope it will be helpfull for others ...

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              I can safely say your issues are yours and your own. You clearly are doing one of two things.


              One, you think you can run every application you own at the same time, open up a ton of files and Flash will somehow use the scraps of memory left over and function perfectly. Have you even bothered to see Photoshop alone, by default, is set to use half your systems memory? If you have tons of apps and files open, ESPECIALLY gigantic images at 300dpi, you're not leaving enough memory for Flash. Here's an idea. Close everything except flash. Also, stop thinking Flash can use a 300DPI image. Flash is not photoshop. You need to size your graphics down to 72dpi at the size you need them and save a ton of ram. You clearly have no idea how to use Flash. Your 30GB in pagefile means nothing.


              Two, you're loaded up with malware/viruses/etc and have no idea. I'm probably betting you have a nice combination of both issues, one and two. Viruses and abuse of the number of apps you can use at the same time. Try running an antivirus and scan the machine. Then run an anti-spyware. Then run an anti-malware. If any of them find something even related to a virus, you should reinstall. All your issues sound like your OS is hosed to me, if the first issue isn't dead on balls accurate.


              16GB ram is nothing. Absolutely nothing. Please stop thinking it can run the world. It can't. You need to keep the number of apps you have running at once down as much as possible, including services and tray apps. I don't own a development machine with less than dual quad xeons and 32gb ram that does anything 720p and higher. Even that is barely enough. Stop blaming Adobe when you don't even know to resize 300dpi images down to 72dpi...

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                @Sinious:  Yes. You are correct. When it comes to running mulitple applications with Adobe's version of Flash. However, when I had Macromedia's MX 2004 I could run Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Quicktime, SoundStudio, Preview and Flash at the same time and have absoulutly NO crashes and smoother Quicktime Exports. Ever since puchasing Adobe's CS 5.5, I've run into simular problems (but have adapted!). Simply put, Adobe turned a good software program into a crappy product and Jobbo126 & I overpaid for it.


                @Jabbo: You have every reason to be mad (especially if you paid loads of money for it). If you need more memory try opening Flash Preferences and find the PUBLISH CACHE option. In there you'll be able to adjust all the memory you'll need! If that doesn't help you'll have to do what Sinious said... Shut down all your applications (even unplug your router if you have to). Adobe's Flash really sucks but as of now there is nothing much we can do about that.


                I MISS MY MACROMEDIA FLASH MX 2004!!!!

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                  Jabbo126 Level 1

                  @Sinious: Hi, thanx for your opinion, but even if you think that i'm total idiot - i DON'T run anything except Flash itself at onec! I'm not absolutly stupid :-). And i even mention it in my first post - "I have opened only my Flash app ..." So - it's not that case. About 300dpi images - they arn't so big as you expected, they have something abou 1200px width, maximall 5 MB in size. The exported .swf file have something about 25MB, so it's not sooo big and i think that Flash can handle this. So - i don't run anything exept flash and my images arn't so big as you expected. Now what? And you thing 16GB of RAM is nothing? Well - maybe for som 3D modeling programs and video editing, but for Flash? I don't agree with you. I'm able to work with flash on my personal computer just with 4GB of RAM. And my pagefile means nothing? Then why, when i use that "trick" by allowing "App can handle > 2gb adress space" help me out? Why i suddenly can finish my project with all my 300dpi photos and more than 15 scenes with product presentation? And viruses and malware - of course i have toolf for handle them - again, i'm not compleat idiot :-). And in the end - i even have just couple of weeks clean installation of my system. Next problem is that you only speaking about my memory issue, but you forgot all my other problems. If there was only "you have low memory" problem and nothing will cras, i wasn't so mad about it. So - thanx for your opinion, but you are in most cases wrong.


                  @gerubach: thanx - i did it before, of course, that was first thing, but it didn't help. What hepled was that process wich i describe in my 3th post. Really - i haven't memory problem sinc then. As you say, we can't do much about it, exept using some freeware alternative. I don't want to give them propagation here, but ther are some very interesting out there. One of them even seems really cool, but i found it too late :-) Will try it next time. If you want to know about it, send me PM.

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                    What i've noticed is that as soon as you start importing or copying complex vector objects /shapes /stuff from illustrator to Flash it all goes to hell...

                    Flash just cant handle it...


                    If that happens I:


                    - Remove the big illustrator vector objects

                    - Copy whats left into a new .fla

                    - Use bitmaps or simplify the vector objects before importing

                    - Take a deep breath...

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                      Jabbo126 Level 1

                      @BDindeblender - yeah, that is right. Flash have big problems with effect from illustrator too. But i must knock on wood now - i can import whole scene from illustrator with no problems. That memory hack really helps me lot. But deep breath - yeah, that's what i'm doing every time i make some bigger changes :-)

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                        sinious Most Valuable Participant

                        MX applications aren't even in the same zipcode in complexity. If you've programmed even the simplest vector before, there is a TON of information to transfer. Not to mention effects and such, all wrapped into a binary inter-app transferrable format. While it's offered as a feature, and yes it should work, simply saving down the vector to the lightest possible file for your needs and re-importing it should world just fine.


                        We do this for the web all the time. Take beautiful photoshop mockups of a website, chop it up into the bits before it's constructed and compress the hell out of each bit before doing so. This is just the same process only instead of Photoshop->Web it's AnyApp->Flash. It's no real big deal.


                        Perhaps CS6 will let you do it but until then I agree with above, decomplexify things for flash, import, take a deep breath.