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    Dynamic menu problem, what I'm missing


      I have a very strange problem and thought about it almost one day. Unfortunately, I can't solve it. So I call for help here and hope some one can help me.Thanks!


      I have the 2  same dynamic menu in my two template. one template is for my home page, another is for my other pages of the wab site. But unfortunately the look, exactly the font of the menu in the two template is different. And this is not I supposed. I suppose they have the same look just as the none-homepage ones. Please check http://www.theblastgroup.com/home.htm for the homepage, http://www.theblastgroup.com/agriculture.htm for none-homepage


      I check the html file for the two template.and I fond they are the same. Both are <div id="menu"> {module_menu, version= "2", menuId="835420", moduleTemplateGroup=""} </div>


      But when I use firebug to check the webpages, I found the they dose be different from each other. I don't know why and don't how to make them the same.


      for the homepage it dispaly this way:

      But for the none-homepage, it dispaly this way:


      These two are much different with the content of <a> tag. I don't know why. Is there any one can help me. Thank you very much, and look forward to the answer.