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    Changes since CS in Palettes and Effects?


      Hello, I have a question for a frequent updater.  Have the 3D Effects Extrude & Bevel and Revolve changed in any version at all since Adobe CS?  How about the basic content and locations of palettes?  Was Document Info always under Window?  Is it just me, or did the "Unite" Pathfinder  used to be called "Add"?



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          Steve Fairbairn Level 5

          Not sure about all of this but where I worked CS came along with the advent of Mac OS X and involved a lot of re-learning. Prior to CS we used Dimensions for 3D work which was much better than the dreadful half-baked 3D effects that we're stuck with now. Dimensions doesn't work on Mac Os X and they have discontinued it to the dismay of its fans.


          Pathfinder Unite started off as Unite, then it went to Add and then back to Unite again with the Apply button or Option key doing different things at different times.


          As for Doc Info, I seem to remember that it was under File at some time but my memory may be playing tricks on me.

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            [scott] Level 6

            Things can move and change names with every release. What's your point?


            But no the 3D effects haven't changed in any release to date.


            As Steve points out, Pathfinder has gone through a few naming/modifier variations and there are a few menu items I recall moving or changing names. Doc Info, Edit Colors, Filters - just to name a few.

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