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    Reset/Restart Button or script


      Hi there, Martin here again with another Captivate 5 questinon

      Im struggling with my new project again. I prepared some training mode projecst for my colleagues...there are some slides with clickboxes which are included in Quiz (awarded with some points).

      I need to, somehow, after finishing whole project (at the end there is reporting slide from Quiz with max points, acuracy etc) add button or script to restart project (erase points and reset clickboxes settings) for user to be able to take whole training project again.

      Can you help me? (standard quiz "retake button" doesnt work)


      Thanks, Martin

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          RodWard Mythic

          Martin,  can you be a little clearer about why you believe the Retake Quiz button is not working?


          Are you saying that clicking Retake Quiz does NOT take you back to the first interactive object, or does not erase the user's score so far?

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            CABik Newcomer

            Well...there is no question slide in my project, im using only Score Slide from quiz. Points are obtained only from click-boxes.

            To obtain 1 point you have to click on correct clickbox on each slide, these click-boxes have 3 attempts set. If user doesnt select right click-box within 3 clicks, there is "Last attempt" action that shows Text caption with Failure text and Continue button (go to the next slide) and no points are added to the Total score.

            I added Quiz Retake button to Quiz Score Slide, but when i use this button, it only jumps to the first slide of project and Fail captions + continue buttons are displayed after 1 click ( click-boxes have 3 attempts set) and no matter what... score is always same as first attempt.



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              RodWard Mythic

              You mention that you have added the Retake Quiz button to the Quiz Results slide, but how many attempts have you allowed for the overall Quiz?  Did you add the Retake Button by setting the Allow User to multiple attempts on the Quiz: Pass Fail dialog screen and then selecting Show Retake Button?  Or are you confusing the Retake Quiz  button with the Review Quiz button?  The names are very similar and easily mistaken at first glance.


              If you have your quiz set to only one attempt (the default) it will not allow you to change the score even if you DO have the buttons set to allow 3 attempts.

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                CABik Newcomer

                Oh dear Rod...is it possible that im this stupid? :-/ i WAS using review not retake button...oh my, oh my...Thank you.Anyway...is there some way to show this retake button always, even when user reaches 100%. I tried to set passing score to 101% but im sure you know that won´t work as well as i know it now   So is there some workaround?



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                  RodWard Mythic

                  The Retake Quiz button will only appear on the Quiz Results slide under certain circumstances.


                  First of all you have to allow multiple attempts on the quiz, otherwise you don't get the option in Quiz Preferences to add the Retake button.


                  Then your user must score less than 100%, must still have remaining attempts allowed, and has NOT used the Review Quiz button.


                  My question is:  Why would you want the user to retake a quiz that they had already passed at 100%?  What is the purpose of that?

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                    CABik Newcomer

                    Its not really "Test" Its just training sequence for users to learn how to use certain aplication with score slide to monitor their success rate.

                    To answer your question: i really dont care about retake this testing sequence for users that  already passed at 100%...but my superiors do care...and i have to find some way to do it

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                      RodWard Mythic

                      Sounds like you need to just relaunch the module again then.  That will clear all scores and allow your users to reattempt or practice the task.  An easy way to do this is to set the Project End option to launch URL and point it to the URL of the same module.

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                        CABik Newcomer

                        That could work, i will try it out thank you for your time

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                          RodWard Mythic

                          If you test this out by publishing to your local hard drive, just make sure that the publish folder location is a trusted location in your Flash Global Security settings, otherwise it won't work.  It could also get you into trouble if you happen to be serving this content from an LMS, but since you mentioned there was no scoring involved, I'm assuming that's not the case.