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    How to Stop BC adding extra html code??


      Is there anyway to stop BC from adding in extra html code?


      It keeps adding extra </div> tags to the template which completely screws up the layout.


      No cms code editor should ever add any extra code the author doesn't want.



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          Liam Dilley MVP

          Hey there Mark.

          The editor is not something you should really code on. It is good for little bits here and there but its an editor. They are basic basic things.

          If it sees a html error it will try and fix it up which will be to do things like you mentioned.
          To that there is some html errors on your template somewhere. A tag is not closed off or missing an opening element etc.


          The editor wont change things if those are fixed up. Run a W3C validation (the developer toolbar addon for firefox has a quick link to validate your page) for example and that will show the html errors you have (if any) , but pretty sure that will be the cause.


          If your a paid partner with BC there is the new file manager (Alpha) you could try out, its a basic online code editor. I am not a fan of using that over an actual coding software (of which there are many free ones for mac and PC) but if you not using those That would be a good to go in and make your template changes.

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            MarkG33 Community Member



            that seems a strange thing to say. How are we suppossed to build websites if we can't write code? Even if I write it in something else, BC is still going ot change it.


            I realise BC is stupidly trying to fix things, but it shouldn't do that, there's no point having a html editor if BC is going to mess with it everytime.


            The problem with BC trying to close tags is that if you doing best practice seo and usability and putting all your non important content at the bottom of the template via content holders then you are going to sometimes have to leave tags open in the first part of the template which will then be properly closed when the remaining content holders are pulled in.


            In any event I was able to get around it, but it meant I had to do five times as much work, just to cater for BC's indiosyncracies.


            We shouldn't have to try and outhink the system just to make things work.


            Thanks for your input.

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              Liam Dilley MVP

              Hi Mark, No, BC will not change it.

              The editor does. The editor is a means to write/add content into a website, it has a html mode but it is not made to code in. It will try and fix things up so things render. You can not rely on it to fix or notice errors in your HTML.


              If you code in either the Alpha File manager or coding software like Dreamweaver or Coda and through FTP it wont edit the code. The problem is those HTML errors are still there and while some browsers my cope with those errors others like IE will render it differently because of them.


              To be clear it is not the BC system, it is the editor, and many others out there would do the same thing. While you can edit the HTML it is supposed to be for quick things, not to fully code in. It is one of the reasons why the Alpha file manager has been created. I am not a fan of that being developed over other things but it will be also useful for people like yourself.

              But depending on if your on PC or Mac there are pleanty of free coding software (Such as Aptana) which you can code websites and FTP them; templates, layouts, css.. everything.


              In terms of me coding, I know that if my HTML, javascript and CSS are sound, and that I conform to web standards I have little or no errors when taking sites lives, not run into silly issues and my Cross browser compatability is close to being sound.

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                MarkG33 Community Member



                thanks, as I said I managed to get around it.


                Interesting that I can ftp the templates and content holders.

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                  Liam Dilley MVP

                  Everything just about these days, all but web form layouts.


                  Web app layouts, Templates, Content Holders, Campaign emails, System messages, Email Layouts... Check on the knowledgebase for more information.

                  My fav app is Coda on mac and I love working on it every day. Its a great app and the FTP on it is super fast.