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    How do I add photos from another collection to my saved Book?



      In my lightroom library I have created a collection set called "Wedding". As I have 1000 photos from my wedding, within this Collection Set I have created 10 or more Collections to organise these photos (Ceremony, Reception, First Dance, etc.).


      I have created a new 'Book' which as expected, has created a new Collection within my 'Wedding' collection set.


      When I first create the book (before saving it) it seems like I can click on a page, then browse my Collections and add the photo that I desire to the page.


      After I have saved the book, I can't so this. I want to work on my book later, and use my existing organisation of photos, and add photos to my books from these collections.


      I know I am missing something basic (I am new to lightroom). I don't understand why I can't add a photo to my book after I have saved it.

      Each time I click on one of my other collections, a new unsaved book appears in the main project window.


      I have worked out that if I copy all my wedding photos into the new "Book" collection, then my photos are available for use - but this defeats the purpose of organising my photos into separate collections, and it doesn't seem like you can create a sub-collection within the Book project.



      I also can't seem to find any documentation to explain this properly.


      Any help would be apreciated - or if I coud be pointed to a good resource.