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    Is it possible to create a PDF/A1a compliant file with SOAP API ?

    CJUE Level 1

      I saw that I can create two kind of PDF/A1b (CMJN and RVB), but nothing about PDF/A1a.


      Unfortunately, I see the same limitation in the administration pages of the LiveCycle server.




      -              Here is my code (using SOAP api) :


            Document inDoc = new Document(new FileInputStream(wordFile));


            String adobePDFSettings = ?????;

            String securitySettings = "";

            String fileTypeSettings = "";


            // Convert the Word document to a PDF document

            CreatePDFResult result = pdfGenClient.createPDF2(inDoc,









      -              I tried before using the OutputClient, but I had this exception :



                                      com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: com.adobe.idp.DocumentError: 403:

                                                      Authentication with DSC invocation permissions required.





      Any help, any idea will be greatly appreciated.



      Best regards,