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    ROLL BACK TO V18 > no more Desktop Viewer !

    jbalmain Level 1

      As Apple etc.etc. (one month of etc.etc. ;-) I decided to roll back to V18
      So I

      - copied my .indd  files and renamed them v18

      - uninstalled the Adobe Folio Producer Tools / reboot

      - installed the previous (v18) Folio Producer Tools

      - opened INDD and made a new Folio, uploaded articles : i can see them on the iPad (yeeeeee-ahhh / even if some actions that worked in the Desktop Viewer dont' seem to display ...)

      - As I see that some actions that did well on Desktop Viewer don't work on the iPad, I decide to take a look at my articles/folio on the Desktop Viewer ; it does not launch anything.
        It preloads, but nothing else happens then.
      - I desinstall Adobe AIR /reboot / roll back to ADOBE AIR previous version (thought that might be it)

      - same issue, and now articles don't even "preload"

      - I update Adobe AIR to latest version

      - start INDD again and open various .indd files, or folios or articles: Desktop Viewer still does not appear, and nothing preloads. (EDIT: it preloads but nothing shows)


      Any idea for help ?