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    Captivate 5.5 Killing Desktop Files...SOS


      I don't know what I may have done, but now when I open Adobe Captivate 5.5 and resume working on a draft lesson, some time later (notice when I try to save tio desktop) I discover my PC Desktop has been altered. I typically save my work in progress to the desktop. In the last week, something has happened. When I go to Save (I've not tested to see if it happens if I don't open a lesson), the file is no longer on my desktop, I'm asked where I want to save it. Also, all of my MS word documents which where there earlier have also gone away as well as my Captivate 5.5, SnagIt and MS Money icons. Some icons remain, Quicken for one. I also see a file I've never noticed in the past when the lesson is open. The icon says ~cp_prj_ (followed by the save as name) when I look at the file properties it says "CPTX_LOCK File (.cptx_lock)" . The files nor icons are in the trash can...they just disappear. Searching for the file doesn't work, other than show the file and then ask if you want to delete the shortcut as the file is no longer available. I created a separate desktop file and am storing all the files there and they are not getting effected. What the heck can be creating this anomaly?