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    Disappearing files in Captivate 5.5




      Has anyone else experienced the problem of dissappearing files in Captivate 5.5? What's your workaround?


      I have lost weeks of created work, before my IT dept contacted Abobe and said it was a known bug! It didn't help that my IT dept were then advised to delete all my files!!!


      If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.Trying to be ever so patient...but I've already missed my deadlines because of this, clients waiting, and meanwhile, I'm looking like the bad guy. Great

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          Using Captivate 5.5, I have created close to 50 videos and never came across this sort of issue. Did Adobe actually confirmed that this is a know bug????

          Did they give you any ID or an issue number which has more information about this unique issue?

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            s0ngb1rd Newcomer

            Well,  I sent it to my IT department as I’m snowed under, but from what they said, it was a known bug, but perhaps not in 5.5, but previous versions.

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              RodWard Mythic

              I also have never had this happen to me.  And I've been using Captivate professionally since version 1.


              I've seen this issue reported before on these forums, and I suspect your IT dudes probably did a cursory Google search for info, found a similar issue had been reported somewhere on this forum, and therefore labelled it "a known bug".  I've never seen anything official or otherwise from Adobe that recognised this issue as a bug they had to fix.

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                s0ngb1rd Newcomer

                I asked the IT person, and they did indeed google it. Well, it may not be an issue with the software, perhaps it’s an it infrastructure issue!! Who knows. All I do know, is that it happened to me on a variety of occasions. I did feel I was starting to lose my marbles. Like I explained, after the first time..I blamed myself. When I re-did all the work and it happened again. Well, then I had an issue.  It happened about twice after this, perhaps compounded by the fact that I was know paranoid and beginning to save and manage files in 3 separate locations. All in all, its been very confusing and time consuming.




                IT did go to Adobe for the after ‘googling’ and was told to clean files and reinstall. So know I’ve lost  the work I already had to do 3 times after losing twice. My project deadline was end of March. As you can see we are well into April. All because of these issues. Guess who gets the heat?

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                  RodWard Mythic

                  I can understand that this has been a frustrating time for you, and I am not trying to blame anyone.  I just don't like seeing Adobe or Captivate get the blame for something that may simply not be their fault either.


                  Captivate was designed to work a certain way and lately corporate IT departments have been radically altering the landscape using virtual servers, cloud-based storage, and more.  As a result, Captivate users are getting caught in the crossfire.


                  If you go to your Preferences > Global > General > Default Locations and see anything other than a drive on your own PC listed in the fields there, you are going to be taking a huge risk...as you've found.


                  When Captivate is installed properly, with all required Admin permissions, default locations local to the PC, and patches up to date, it's actually a very rock solid app in my experience.  Break these rules and it will bring you grief.

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                    s0ngb1rd Newcomer

                    It was initially stored on the same drive in a different place. I may yet experience the same problem.  You are the more experience user than I, so I do not doubt what you say.

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                      RodWard Mythic

                      Can you take a screenshot of your Preferences > Global > General > Default Locations and upload it here?


                      Also, if you ever do any FMV screen capture, make sure your Preferences > Recording > Full Motion > Working folder location is also local to your hard drive.