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    [JS CS5] Re order pages script not working for me


      Hi, I'm attempting to use the reorder script marked as the answer in this post :





      My problem is that when it reorders the pages, it puts them all into one spread and errors once it reaches 10.


      Some details on what I am doing -


      It's an 18 page document, reorder is as follows:



      Currently it's in spreads, but even when I turn off facing pages, move each page by itself and turn the master into one page, I still have the same error. I've been fighting with this a while, I've tried each of those by themselves as well.


      In case you are curious about the order - this is a booklet, but the middle signature is 3 pages. I'm attempting to create a script that will take it from reader to printer spreads as "print booklet" will not work because of the 3 page signature (extra page is a fold out on finished product).


      I'm fairly new to scripting and feel it must be something obvious I'm just missing.


      Thank you for your time!!