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    OLE - Object Linked Ed'ing - not updating between FM & Ph'shop

    Misha Ko

      When I save changes into a graphic file in Photoshop, one that's already been imported by ref. into my FM file,

      I'm not seeing the update in FM. In fact, I'm not seeing the change in Windows Explorer, either. From within

      FM and Photoshop, when I do a "save as" to check the date-time stamp on the graphic file, I fall in to a time



      Every time I save or change a file name, the Windows Explorer date-time stamp shows that the change was made

      at 11:37 AM, this morning. I've re-booted several times and renamed a couple of different files, after re-booting, but

      every time the new file shows up as having been saved at that same, identical moment -- 11:37 am.


      When I re-open the same file in Win Paint, and do a "save as" the correct time is displayed in the Explorer



      ...OK, that may not turn out to be a problem that points back to FM, or Adobe -- the files are saved on the

      company network server, not my own hard drive, for one thing -- but I would really appreciate some help with

      sorting this out. I work at a small company and I'm the only one using any kind of Adobe software, aside

      from Acrobat. Our IT guy is pretty good but hasn't had to spend much time sorting out conflicts between

      Adobe and Windows. (Assuming that could be the issue here, since it looks like the Windows side is still

      updating correctly, but Adobe is not.)


      I'm on a 64-bit Win 7 DELL with a reasonably fast processor and 12 GB of RAM.

      My apps. are Photoshop CS4 from Tech Comm Suite 2 (Photoshop 11.0..2) and FM 9.0 p255.