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    joycwang Community Member

      I certainly hope Spry Menu Widget keeps a more informed document.  I spent many a not_so_productive hours chasing the menu's inconsistent behaviors by the not_so_efficient route of performing trial and error over and over again, only ended up to verify the following two rules that seem to stand up to all tests so far.


      1. "MenuBarItemSubmenu" is a class that is assigned to any menu items that open up to submenus. It doesn't matter what you name the menu items, the default name "MenuBarItemSubmenu" overrides the name.
      2. If you want to customize each menu item with an unique background color or background image, you need to name each menu item an unique class name, and then style every individual class in CSS.  If you only want to make submenu items an uniform look to distinquish them from the menu bar items, you do that in "a.MenuBarItemSubmenu" and "ul a.MenuBarItemSubmenu".


      The obscurity of MenuBarItemSubmenu and its lack of document have seemed to make Spry Framework for Ajax fall short of being a full flagged, functional and well rounded, sustainable system for Dreamweaver.