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    Can't upload to Creative Cloud from Android 4.0

    Marc Niola Community Member

      Anyone else having problem uplaoding Proto file to Creative Cloud? I think the problem is the new firmware update from Android 4.0.


      When I first purchased Proto I can't log into the Creative Cloud. After Adobe update I can login with no problem! After that I uploaded a few files to Creative Cloud with no problem!


      But now after finishing another project in Proto I want to upload to the Cloud and the upload hangs.


      The login is flawless, after I select file, the "Uploading to Adobe Creative Cloud" pop-up appears with animated spinner and it just hangs forever. I have tried for two days and Upload popup keeps hanging at same point.


      Anyone run into this problem or know of any fix ?????



      Asus Transformer Prime running Adroid 4.0 (ICS)


      BTW I am able to upload to cloud using PS Touch on same device.