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    FlashPlayer 10.6 Plugin Crashes Safari

    siys79 Level 1

      MacBook Pro, OS 10.6.7


      FlashPlayer 10.6 is constantly crashing the Safari (5.0.5) browser. Each time I get the following message:


      Problem Report for Safari

      Safari quit unexpectedly while using the FlashPlayer-10.6 plugin.


      Any information how to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          pwillener Level 8

          The latest released Flash Player version is 10.3


          From where did you get version 10.6 - is this a beta version?  If so, please post in the appropriate beta forum.


          If not, please specify your full version number - check at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/

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            siys79 Level 1

            Turns out I have version 10,3,181,14 installed and it crashes constantly. I mistook the 10.6 as the FlashPlayer plugin version from the error message displayed each time Safari crashes, but I now understand it is referring to the Mac OS version.




            I still am seeking a resolution to this constant crashing issue. Thank you.

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, See if this thread is helpful:






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                siys79 Level 1

                Thanks for the directing me to the other thread eidnolb. Everything is setup as it should be and this crashing problem exists as I have described. Hoping someone knows the magic cure.


                Additionally, I have never found a solution for the other FlashPlayer plugin issues I discussed here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/783291


                Thank you.

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, I just thot of something else. Do you use Click-To-Flash?








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                    siys79 Level 1

                    I had never heard of Click-To-Flash. Are you recommending I give it a try? Do you think using it could possibly solve both my issues, of the FlashPlayer blanking out after about 8 hours use and crashing Safari? I am willing to try anything that will solve these issues. Thank you.


                    Btw, if you do recommend I use it, should I try the latest stable version or the newest beta version? Thanks again!

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                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                      Hi, no I wouldn't recommend using it. I asked because some Mac users with Safari do use it. The purpose of it is Flash content is blocked, then if a person wants to view a particular website with Flash content or videos, they "Click-To-Flash". Which some users use it as a Security measure.


                      I've seen your other thread, but the issues are not anything I have experience with. Hopefully someone that does will respond. The regular active Helpers here on the Forum sometimes can't be on at all times, due to other circumstances. Time Zones, etc.


                      If you have the Shockwave Flash plugin Enabled as you've checked, then something else must be blocking or causing it to crash. One thing would have been that Click-To-Flash if it was not turned off.


                      Is it only a certain website that this happens on or all sites that have Flash content or videos?


                      What about youtube videos? Are they working properly?


                      I'll look in my folders and see if there is any info there that may help.




                      eidnolb                 EDIT: I meant to ask if you had used that test site that Pat asked about it Post #1? This will give some info, especially the

                                                         version of Flash Player that is Installed. That error message you received is confusing.


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                        siys79 Level 1

                        I run a 24/7 radio show, so I have the flash audio player running just about 24/7 on my station's web page in Safari, to monitor playback, so much of the time Safari crashes even when I am not currently web surfing or watching videos on Youtube. No specific audio playing or video watching has caused Safari to unexpectedly quit.


                        The only time I have ever specifically noticed a web page crash Safari and display the FlashPlayer unexpectedly quit message was yesterday when I tried to pay my T-Mobile bill on their website. It crashed everytime I tried to access the page to pay my bill. I've used that site to pay my bill and that never happened before.


                        Although the flash player going blank after about 8 hours of use has been a problem for many months now, the issue with Safari unexpectedly quitting began the last time my Mac did Software Update and Flash was one of the programs updated. However, yesterday, I manualy went and downloaded and installed the most recent version of Flash and the unexpectedly quit problem continues.


                        Here's a link to my radio station if you wish to take a look: http://siys.listen2myradio.com/


                        Thank you.

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                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                          If I understand correctly you use this Mac with Safari to monitor the radio program. And it goes blank after 8 hours or so. Now that is a separate issue.


                          You have 2 separate issues, but one machine or two?


                          The issue with T-Mobile may be related, hard to tell yet. Was there an error message when that happened?


                          You mentioned you first noticed this when that Mac Software Update was Installed. This may be the problem, since that would go along with that error message you posted. That error message says Safari quit unexpectedly while using the Flash Player -10.6 plugin. But the Flash Player plugin is NOT a 10.6. That's why Pat asked you about that. To me, that message makes no sense. I think the 10.6 is referring to the edition of the OS and this may mean something about that Mac Software Update. Whether my assumption is correct or not, I'm not sure. I just know the error message is not making sense to me. Did the Mac Software Update Install some type of a 10.6 plugin ?


                          This time, using Safari go to this test site and let me know if you can see the Flash logo animation and what version of Flash Player is displayed as Installed?








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                            siys79 Level 1

                            Still seeking a solution to this issue.

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                              siys79 Level 1

                              I put in a trouble ticket for this isue last September 2011 and I was informed this problem had been replicated by Adobe techs and would be fixed in the next build. There have been three builds* since that time and the problem is still not resolved. The issue is worse than ever, with the last build, and the Flash plugin is now crashing even sooner than 8-9 hours.


                              * A new build came out right after the issue was replicated by Adobe techs and I was informed it would be fixed in the next build, so when I count three builds since then, I am not counting that first one.


                              Can I please get an update on this issue from an Adobe tech?


                              Thank you very much.

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                                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                Do you have a bug number that I can look up?  I suspect it was "Flash Player Plugin Crashes on Mac" (2985346) where you discussed a crash that occurs in 10.6 and 10.7 after 4-8 hours of use.  However, the notes in the bug report show that we were *unable* to reproduce the crash after playing a 9 hour video.


                                When this crash occurs, do you get an Apple crash log?  If so, can you post it here?




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                                  siys79 Level 1

                                  The bug report is here for this issue: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=2985415


                                  Yuzhong Cao indicated the problem has been reproduced by Adobe on 9 Oct 2011.


                                  There is no crash log, that I am aware of associated with the crash. The Flash plugin simply disappears and the browser has to be restarted to get it working again.


                                  Thank you,