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    Is RoboHelp Server necessary for web server application?

    tltamdlr Level 1

      I just found this forum on Adobe, and after getting conflicting information on this question from different representatives at Adobe, I wanted to post this question here to (hopefully) get some other opinions from people who are actually using this product...


      We have recently purchased the RoboHelp Server software, but after speaking with various Adobe representatives, I'm not so sure whether we actually need this software or not. 

      We just have one RoboHelp application or document that we have created with this software and we simply want to make it available to our members via our website.  However, access to this information will be delivered on a paid, subscription basis, so we want to make sure that ONLY authorized (i.e., paid) users can access this RoboHelp document.  We are trying to secure it so that users can't simply send a link to the document to another person who could then access the document without having paid for it.

      Apparently, we were told that we needed this RoboHelp Server software to accomplish this, and that it needed to be installed on our web server to be able to control and authenticate the users who would be accessing this RoboHelp document. 

      However, now that we are getting closer to actually setting up a new web server that will house this RoboHelp document, now I am being told by some of the tech support reps at Adobe that we actually don't need RoboHelp Server software installed on our web server at all.  They are telling me that our web developers would need to write scripts and/or develop other programming routines that would control the access to this RoboHelp document that will reside on our website.

      They are telling me that RoboHelp Server software is really designed to be used with companies or organizations that have multiple users who are all using RoboHelp to write and edit RoboHelp documents and that they have created and maintain multiple RoboHelp documents within the organization.  It is supposedly designed to control and manage access by these various RoboHelp users to the multiple RoboHelp documents that they have created.

      However, in our case, there is only one  person who created a single RoboHelp document, and he would be the only one to edit this one document.   And, this one document will be posted on our website to be made available to the members of our association via this paid subscription service.  These members would all be accessing this RoboHelp document via our website and none of them would have any privileges to edit this one document at all.  They could only search and view the contents of the document. 

      So, I'm trying to determine if this information is accurate and whether or not we even need this RoboHelp Server software at all.  If we don't, then we need to go back to Adobe and get a refund for this product before it's too late. 


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can respond to this question.