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    Connection Issues


      I actually am experiencing two separate issues. The first is that I can log into Adobe using my Adobe ID and password but when I try logging in to Kuler it just "thinks" and never actually connects. The second issue is that I've downloaded Kuler for my desktops (along with Adobe Air) and I can log on just fine. However when I attempt to view the newest it times out after 10 seconds. Please help.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi FowlerAH,


          For the first issue I was wondering if it happens with all browser, you might test in a different one to see if it occurs there as well.


          I tested the AIR app myself and got similar results (happened with Newest, Most Popular, and Random). I would see the spinning circles and then a kulerkutoff message. I think it might be something on the backend which is not working and not something unique to you. I'll report the behavior to the Kuler engineering group. Thanks for posting about it.



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            I have a similar problem.

            my adobe ID is identical with my email adress. That means there is an @ sign in it.

            as soon as I try to login at the cooler local software (AIR), the program ends. Apparently it does not support the @ sign during login

            However, Adobe accepts this identity.


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              David__B Adobe Employee

              Thanks for posting. I have reported the issue to the Kuler engineering team and they are investigating getting it fixed. The issue only affects the Kuler AIR app, so the Android app, or Kuler website can be used instead.



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                I just tried logging into Kuler using PC and Google Chrome and it won't accept my user ID and password, I can log into My Adobe ok with the same but not Kuler, also Kuler won't give you the option to sign up either. Looks like the problem still isn't fixed. Oh well will try again another day