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    Oxymoron: 'Adobe' 'Support' = Complete Waste of Time, Every Time

    Tahoe Thom Level 1

      When will Adobe get their act together? Every time I have had to call support, and we are very advanced users, it is a complete joke. The 'support' technicians don't know anything, don't listen nor care about your problem. We have only ever called when faced with highly complex issues that are obviously bugs in the software and after spending 25 hours over 4 days and still having a technician ask you questions not even related to your issue is ridiculous. I am filing a case with the BBB and ranting any place I can in regards to the travesty that is 'Adobe' 'Support'. Why are we paying so much for a product with a complete lack of support or respect for their users. Ship me off to India, then have someone that has never used the product tell me how to use it. Then go through 2 more levels of support only to find that they know just as little as the moron answering the phone. I am graohics and IT professional who has been in the field for over 25 years and my experiences with Adobe tech support are the worst I have ever experienced.


      My case number for this travesty of support is 183137869 just in case any one at Adobe gives half a s**t to attempt to respond. I realize your the only game in town but your lack of support does not do justice to the wonderful engineers that develop your products nor the users that continue to support your company.


      Oh, Aldus, Macromedia, god forbid even Quark all had better support. It amazes me daily that in a room full of designers when we even run into an issue every single person starts laughing at the prospect of calling your support department.


      Adobe should be ashamed.