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    Grading system in matching slide


      Hi, I am new to Captivate and am using 5.5 but I have already set up some quizzes successfully.


      However, on the matching slide I cannot work out how to grade the answers correctly. I have 5 words that need to be matched with 5 words in the next column. If the user gets one wrong then he is marked 0 for the entire question even though he may get 3 from 5 correct. I want to be able to give a point for each correct option and not have 0 and 5 as the only possible scores.



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          For the moment partial scoring is not possible in the Question slide, it is always Black/White scoring.


          If you want partial scoring, you need to create your own question slides, using standard objects and advanced actions. Issue is here the reporting to a LMS, whidh is not easy for partial scoring (can be done with Javascript or with the Mastery Widget by InfoSemantics). Do you need to report?