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    Code works on new form not on older form



      I am trying to change an existing form (add some code). I tested the code in a new form I create on my computer but when I do the same on a form supplied and created on a different computer the code won't work


      What I see is that the form properties of a new form on my computer give Version 9.xxx  and on the form that was created on the other computer the Version is listed as 8.xx


      Anyone know how I can convert the Version 8.xx file to a Version 9.xx? 


      Or someone know how to set a EnclosedOption group from optional to required in Version 8? In version 9 I use  Gender.validate.nullTest="error" or Gender.validate.nullTest="disabled" but this doesn't work on the old Version 8.xx PDF File.


      Help greatly appreciated!