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    Batch Color Correction and Batch Levels oddities...help!


      So I have an action that I've been using for the past couple years (?) now that involves opening an image, applying an auto color and auto levels, saving and closing. This has been working for me since probably a couple years ago when I made the action. Yesterday, I was working on a scanning project where I have groups of images in separate folders. I ran the action on the first 2 folders which went fine. When I got to the 3rd folder all the way up to the last one, PS just loads all the images, does the levels and color then fails to save/close them when done. On one of my folders, it gets through a few of them when it drops the ball and just opens all of them. I'm not sure what's going on as there's no real explanation as to why this is happening...especially when I've been using this action (and I even made a new action with still no luck). This is becoming a huge headache. Any feedback/help would be greatly appreciated...especially when last week I had about 300 images I had to work with and PS decided to pull this move on me after doing the first 30 of them fine...which is when I first noticed this happening.


      To further add, I set my action to show everything step by step and it seems to happen with select images (in some cases, these select images are entirely what is in the folder). With the select images, it is not doing the actions entirely in order. Typically it does it in this manner:






      What I'm now experiencing is this:



      (Skips 3 and 4 since it is starting at 2 and working upward). Hopefully you understand what I'm talking about!

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          ryan.marchese Level 1

          I'm not 100% sure what your exact issue may be, but a few extra things to check:


          - File format of original files (are they all the same)

          - Color profile of originals

          - Folder and file permissions (I have had issues with some files having limited permissions and interrupting actions because PS couldn't save them)


          Personally, I also try to only batch 50-75 files ata  time (even if I have a few hundred to do). Just to make sure no errors are coming up, and so PS doesn't getting too bogged down with the batch/memory hog.

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            AngryGumball Level 1

            They're all JPEG, all coming from the same source (Images coming off of a Kodak PS410 scanner). I've also checked to see if they're 'read only' but they aren't. Odd thing is, I've taken this same set of photos to another computer and ran the same action and everything ran fine. As far as memory goes, I don't think that should be an issue as I'm set up with 16gb of RAM. And as far as what I was recently working on, these folders had probably 40 images max in them.


            I'll be running another batch on another set of images (coming from a different source) today and see what happens, if anything.

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

              Which of the usual trouble-shooting routines have you performed so far?


              This should not be an issue, but just to make sure: Do the file- or folder-names contain any no-no-s like slashes?


              Another thing: Are you scanning as jpgs and oversaving them after editing? Because that would seem like a sub-optimal workflow with regard to image quality.