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    Deleted CS6 Beta after giving it a 20 day test run


      Well sports fans, I finally made the decision to delete CS6 Beta from my computer and return to my trusty CS5 Extended. I'm still running XP (gasp) on my computer and a good chunk of the features on CS6 aren't available for this OS. The 3D section is entirely gone, plus other various features.


      The replace and fill worked to a certain extent but it still needs you to do some tweaking with the healing brush to really make it effective. You can actually do this via a few step's manually, but the replace fill does some sort of macro to make this function automatic The blur tools were sort of fun, but nothing that I couldn't live without. All in all, CS6 is nice. but not worth it as an upgrade because of the issues I previously mentioned. I use CS5 Extended virtually everyday and for my money, it still does an amazing job.