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    Files too large if "Match sequence settings" selected


      Hi there


      I have a MTS file of 802MB as source file with below information. Besides this I am using a 30 seconds small AE intro animation using dynamic link.



      If I choose "Match sequence settings", I get a file that is 2.15GB. You can see the source file was 802MB and output is 2.15GB which has become a real problem for me to upload it due to repeated disconnection and failure of ftp tools like Filezilla and CuteFTP to resume the upload process. (even though they claim to supprt resume of file transfers but I have to start it from zero bytes everytime)


      So, all I need is to improve my understanding about the right encoding method instead of using "Match sequence settings". I had many hopes from H264 but I guess I am still getting large output files. Plase advise I have to finish this project as soon as I can and I am done with editing, inttro animations etc. Only the getting optimized output file and there upload has become a issue for me.



      Vibrant Graphics