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    Adding a click box for a pop up on a quiz page

    Wisconsin Deb


      I would like to add a pop-up scenario review on a quiz page so that those doing the elearning can review the case history.  I have the file saved as a pdf and it allows it to pop-up on other pages of the learning module but I can't figure out how to get this to work on a quiz page.  This is the page I especially want them to have the information so that they can make an informed choice. Does anyone have a thought on how this can be done or what i need to do differently?  Thanks

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Deb


          This will be a bit on the cheesy side, but as your name infers you are from Wisconsin, that shouldn't be a big deal, no?


          What you might do is to create a blank project sized at 100x100. Configure it with no preloader and no playback control. Then insert a Click Box that opens the PDF. Just insert the PDF file name and no path information. Publish that as a SWF.


          Now return to the project where you want to open the PDF from a question slide. Insert the SWF as an animation object. Perhaps layer the area over an image of a PDF or some other trigger to clue the user they may click.


          Give that a go and see if it works for you... Rick



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            Wisconsin Deb Level 1

            I am a newbie at some of this so I was able to find the preloader under preferences>Project>Start and End for that screen however is the auto play considered no playback control?  I then inserted the click box and told it to open a url or file and put the file in with just the pdf name (Patient_Scenario.pdf) and told it to show for the rest of slide. I also asked it to open in a new window>applied> and Closed.  I chose to publish as swf - titled it scenario, told it to publish it to the folder with the original program.  The only output option checked was html and flashplayer version was preset for 8.  When I click Publish I get the following pop-up.  "The files/project listed below are linked to the opened project.  The linked files may require exporting.   OK.  I just clicked ok and it said it saved it.  When I click to view project I see a window open with a small white box and a green arrow in it but nothing happens when I click on it.  I'm sure I am missing some important steps but I am a very... visual learner so I'm not sure what step in the process I am messing up.  Thanks for any additional information on how to make this work. 


            Deb Gillen

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              Kathrynxyzzy Level 1

              Excellent!! I have been trying to find a way to add on-demand audio to a quiz. You can't add a button or a click box to a quiz, so I was ready to settle for a rollover caption but I didn't like it.

              BINGO -- another captivate piece (or I guess I could have used Flash) with a button and audio. published to a simple swf and loaded as an animation. Now I even get the 3 stages of the button instead of a static graphic.


              LOVE IT!!!

              Thanks Captiv8r


              (just got to think outside the box)