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    Error Deploying Adobe Acrobat X Professional over Standard


      A while back I deployed a customized installation of Adobe Acrobat X Standard. I used the Adobe Customization Wizard X to generate a MST file that omits things like speed launch and arm and disables some features in the help menu (like updates, repair, etc.) and deployed the MSI via Group Policy. Everything worked fine, Acrobat X Standard is now on every workstation. Later, we discovered that some users needed the 10.1.1 patch, so we patched some systems as necessary.


      Due to decisions out of my control, management has now decided that they want to replace Acrobat X Standard with Acrobat X Professional on all workstations. Great! So I generate another MST with my trusty Customization Wizard and make sure to UNINSTALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS. When I try to deploy the new package I get an error on each of the patched workstations...so I try to run the setup manually to discover the following error during the installation of Adobe Acrobat X Professional:


      Setup has detected that you already have a more functional product installed. Setup will now terminate.


      I'm no expert on Adobe, but I do know that management shelled out more money for Professional than they did for Standard and according to the website Pro is more "featured" than standard...so with all due respect, Adobe installer you are WRONG!


      I don't want to touch each workstation to uninstall Adobe Acrobat X Standard so I can install Adobe Acrobat X Professional. Can someone please tell me how to get around this installer error please? Some registry key that needs deleting perhaps?


      Many thanks in advance,

      David Vielmetter

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          You've probably solved your problem, but here it is anyway:


          This error also appears when a newer version of the product exists on the machine, so it is highly likely the uninstall was not clean. 10.0 is seeing the old 10.1.1 on install.



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            I'm experiencing the exact same situation.  I haven't unistalled Standard yet, but I'm afraid if I do, the Pro upgrade I purchased won't work.  


            I can't believe after spending an extra $199 to upgrade to Pro that I'm stuck with no immediate solution.

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              Sabian Zildjian Level 4

              Well,  you are attempting to uninstall the same code version of Acrobat X Standard with Acrobat X Pro.  That won't work.  You say that you purchased an upgrade from Acrobat X Standard to Acrobat X Pro that doesn't sound right either.  If you decided to get Acrobat X Pro after already purchasing Acrobat X Standard the process should have been to get the full DVD media or the full ESD (electronic service download) from Adobe of Acrobat X Pro and then destroy or return the old software along with a very long legal form that says you are doing just that process.  That's a procurement issue from both ends I would think.  Needless to say the correct way would be to get the full media with the full serial number for Adobe Acrobat X Pro from Adobe.  Then uninstall Acrobat X Standard from your user machines and then install the full media of Acrobat X Pro.