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    Adobe ID authentication?

    bennene02 Level 1

      I created this Adobe ID for work about 5 months ago. I've been trying to log in to the Adobe Content Viewer on my iPad but I keep getting "Authentication failed" error messages. What gives? I can log in to the Adobe web site with the exact same credentials. A fellow employee also has the same problem with her iPad (I only discovered mine wasn't working because I was trying to help her solve her problem), and apparently a couple of clients have had the same issue.


      The Adobe support has been useless almost to the point of ridiculous hilarity. Nothing conclusive shows up on the web site, only similar problems that seem to be unanswered.


      Was there supposed to be an account verification e-mail? I've seen mention of it but I definitely never got one (I don't delete e-mails all willy-nilly, I even still have my "Your Adobe Membership" e-mail) and my co-worker never got one. If there is such a thing required how do I get Adobe to resend it?




      P.S. Is that live chat feature with Adobe support on the web site actually with a real person? For the sake of my experience with it I really hope that was a robot scanning my text because my questions could not have been more basic and the responses weren't even remotely close to what I had asked.