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    Saving only PNG in Lightroom 4



      I finally have the plans on how I am going to manage my images, but I am curious why Lightroom saves both JPG and DNG after it imports them.


      My camera(Canon 7D) is configured to save both JPG and CR2.  When I import them, in the import window, I do not see duplicate photos, just the CR2 files.  After the import is complete, I still only see one type of files imported, the DNG files and I do not see duplicate image with JPG extension.  However, when I browsed to the import folder, I see both JPG and DNG.


      How do I properly import the CR2 files only?  Only ovbious way is for me to remove JPG files from the card before I import CR2 files into Lightroom, but that doesn't sound right... To me, it seems like there might be a configuration somewhere.  Can anyone point me to the right direction?


      Thank you


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          Lee Jay Level 4

          You converted to DNG on import.  Set that option to off if you want to preserve the CR2s.


          If you have CR2s and JPEGs they are going to come together.  There's an option in the prefs to treat JPEGs next to CR2s as separate images which can help you.

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            Cornelia-I Level 4

            As far as I understood Daniel he does NOT want to have the jpgs inside LR, additionally to the CR2s or DNGs.


            So he should untick the setting "treat jpgs as separate images", in order to have LR ignore them during import.

            "do not import suspected duplicates" should be ticked in import dialog.



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              Mandhir Bhatia Adobe Employee

              Hi Daniel,


              Each DSLR now a days comes with an option to save shoot RAW+JPG.


              However importing them as DNG+ JPG is not agood option because it wastes lot of memory and at any point of process in Lightroom you can export the JPG or any other format out of LR like png for the same.


              However the DNG files would make sure they keep the exact attributes of the RAW files and the quality intact.




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                CitationX117 Level 1



                You are correct.  I still want the CR2 + JPG option turned on on the camera.

                When I import the photos, and select Convert CR2 to DNG, I just want the DNG to be stored on the storage, not DNG "AND" JPG. ", for the reasons Mandhir mentioned.  I can get export the jpegs out from DNG lossless.


                When I read you post I swore I thought that was the answer.

                I looked at the option you just mentioned, under Lightroom Preferences - General tab - Import Options - Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos.

                It was unticked already...  back to the drawing board..


                It's got to be something simple like unticking something.....


                Thank you all for helping me, by the way.