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    Pop up gallery...

    Go7hic13 Level 1

      Hi all...


      I've created a photo gallery on a web site I've been working on and was wondering there is a way to make a "Pop-Up" window (not a browser window) appear when the image is clicked on.  The gallery is very basic...  Just images in a grid using html/css.


      If anyone has anyway to do this I'd like to learn how it can be accomplished.

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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          Google for 'Shadowbox' or 'Lightbox' or 'Fancybox' - either of these will do the job for you. They're also open-source and free to use and highly customizable with CSS.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I second the recommendation for Fancybox.  It uses the jQuery core library & can handle just about anything you toss at it.




            Nancy O.




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              Go7hic13 Level 1

              Thanks guys...


              I tried all 3 but found fancy box got me up and running the fastest.  Although, it's technically open source there is a fee if you use it in one or multiple designs.  I believe in contributing to the Open Source world.  But anyway, fancybox I found to be very easy to customize and worked it right into my current template.  I'm still new to Ajax and pretty much to modifying or creating any JavaScript code.  Worked wonders though.  Very Please and appreciate you guys pointing me in the right direction.  Why reinvent the wheel...  This is a big help for my current and future projects.


              Although...  Since I don't know much about Ajax I didn't understand why certain functions would work only on a server (verses local).  I've been doing everything local but will try to put the code up on the server and try it with ajax functionality enabled.


              Thanks again!

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                sudarshan.t Level 6

                You're welcome. Glad I could help.