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    Problems with DSLR video and PR crashing


      Hello! I'm a new user to Premiere and am having some problems importing DSLR video (5Dmk3 24p). I've done a lot of searching and have found a few people with similar problems, but I wasn't able to work through figuring it out. So now I'm consulting the best of the best.


      My problems: (note: when I say crash, I mean hangs indefinitely. I've never seen an error message through any of this.)

      • Premiere Pro (5.5) sometimes crashes when I import videos. There seems to be certain videos that make Premiere hang but I can't isolate the problem to a file either. One file will make PR crash one time, when I restart the program the same file will import fine. It's quite rare where I can import an entire folder (~20) of videos, but it happens once in a while.
      • When I have all my videos imported, when I open up my project some videos will show as offline. Just like my previous problem, the files change each time I open Premiere. Sometimes when I save the project with these offline clips, PR will crash when I try to close it.


      Video of the problem: (pardon my poor TV persona )


      My computer: Intel i5, Windows 7 65bit, 16gb RAM, 60GB SSD HD, 1.5TB storage SSD. Premiere is updated (5.5.0 233), I have all the computer/driver updates that I know of.


      I've tried reinstalling Quicktime (several times) and also reinstalling Premiere. I've tried changing the scratch disk, the Adobe CS agent said I should import files one by one and from the desktop but to no avail. A work around that kind of works is to import a few files, save, import, save, etc., so that when Premiere crashes, I can keep importing where I left off.


      This problem is really bugging me and I would so appreciate it if any of you have some wisdom to share. I read online where someone had a similar problem and ended up reencoding to a different codec as a workaround, but I would rather not have to do that. Thanks you!