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    Real full screen mode on Mac


      I'm a huge fan of the new UI adjustments. But please, would you, Adobe, consider providing a real full screen mode for Mac users, like you did in Lightroom. Personally I like the dark gray UI but that way, the Apple menue bar on top of my screen becomes more distracting. I'd like to work on my pictures in the second screen mode (by pressing the F key once) and access the menue bar only by hovering towards the top of the screen.


      Not much of a bug, but a really desired request.

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          Pete.Green Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the request, I'll be sure to pass it on to the team!

          Glad you like the new UI Changes!

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            Pete.Green Adobe Employee

            Actually, I was thinking about this...


            What if you hit F twice to get to the Full Screen


            In Full Screen Mode, panels are hidden. They can be accessed on the sides of the screen, or revealed by pressing Tab.


            So if you press TAB while in full screen mode you'll see your panels, and then can right click outside the image's workspace to change the background from Black to a lighter gray if you prefer.


            Of course Shift+F will take you back to the previous fullscreen mode where you can see the Menu Bar.


            If you weren't aware of some of these settings then, I hope this helps!



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              Miekah Community Member

              Thank you for your reply, Pete,


              actually I am aware of the possibilities you mentioned by pressing the F key for changing the view modes, changing background colors and revealing or hiding the panels via the shift key. But, I would have to repeat this procedure each and every time I open up PS because it always starts up with these standard settings. Lightroom on the other hand recognizes the last used settings/view options.


              I used to have a little script I once found in the www which toggles full screen mode automatically when PS gets started. I just wanted to put that request, because of the changes on the UI that were already done within CS6 and I think that would be a welcome option to many of Mac users out there.

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                Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                You're right, there is quite a bit of interest in the implementation of an OSX Lion-like fullscreen mode with Photoshop but it has its limitations.


                Read Jeff T's post here for more information on the difficulties of implementing this at this time.



                Thanks for the feedback!