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    Complex LMS behavior that originates in Captivate?


      Can Captivate 5.5 create a scorm exported project that the user

      • sees a list of available segments, resources, and assessments;
      • can select the resources to download at any time;
      • can select the first segment right away (Other segments and assessments are visible but cannot be selected yet);
      • After completing the first segment, sees the first assessment (or it becomes available); 
      • can select the assessment from  a main menu, or is routed to the assessment by clicking NEXT (or equivalent) from the last frame of the first segment:
      • After passing the first assessment (which is reported to the LMS), the second segment becomes available from a menu or from NEXT at the end-of-first-assessment screen?
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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Captivate can create SCORM-compliant course modules, and the Adobe SCORM Packager can bundle them up into a multi-SCORM course for uploading to your LMS.


          Most of the other questions in your list relate to SCORM sequencing rules that would need to be coded into the imsmanifest.xml file that resides at the root level of the SCORM package.  You'd need to be using an LMS that supports SCORM 2004 in order to use sequencing.


          Captivate can currently only build an imsmanifest.xml file for a single SCO.  The Multi-SCORM packager builds a simple manifest file that allows any of the SCOs to be played in any order. It has no interface for building sequencing rules.  So you would need to either use a different tool to package your multi-SCORM (try Googling for info on RELOAD Editor) or else you would need to get familiar with SCORM XML coding and how to hack the manifest file to write the sequencing rules yourself.

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