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    Error exporting long movie in Premiere Elements 4


      I just finished editing a movie in Premiere Elements 4.  Every time I try to export the movie, it begins rendering, gets as far as about 15%, and then says "Export Error: Error compiling movie.  Unknown error."  This happens no matter what format I choose.


      I've read that this problem can be caused by titles and transitions, of which this movie has both.  But I think the problem is entirely due to the movie's length, which is six minutes and fifty-five seconds.  I say this because if I split the movie into 25-to-50-second chunks, leaving all titles and transitions intact, all the chunks export with no problems whatsoever.


      I'm not running any other programs while the movie exports, but that doesn't help.


      The source files are MOV (and one PNG), and the resolution is 1920x1080.  I want to export it at the same resolution, otherwise what was the point of shooting in that resolution?  I'm running Windows Vista on a Samsung R522 laptop, if it helps.


      For what it's worth, I did manage to successfully export the audio portion of the movie as a WAV file.


      What can I do?  My movie is due to premiere at a local arts festival in a few weeks, so I need to sort this out.  I read somewhere that the ideal setup is to have three drives -- one for the source videos, one for running the program, and one to export the file onto.  Will that help?


      Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.



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          Welcome to the forum.


          However, this is the Premiere Pro Forum, for CS4 and earlier. You want this post moved to the PrElements Forum. Since you put the word "Elements" into your title (good move), one of the MOD's will likely take care of this for you.


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            In the meantime, let's get started with the problem, and when it gets moved, others can chime in.


            • What is on your Timeline (Asset-wise), at about the 30% mark?* Is there anything different in the Video, or Audio, even though the Audio did Transcode?
            • What are the specs. of your files, both Video and Audio?
            • How much defragmented free-space do you have on your destination HDD?
            • How much defragmented free-space do you have on your C:\?


            Also, see this Adobe KB Article.


            Good luck,




            * The reason that I ask about the 30% mark is that for Transcoding, PrE uses a two-pass encode setting. That means that 50% is 100% of the first pass, and 100% is the culmination of both passes, or 200% of the Timeline. I wish that the progress bar showed the Frame being Transcoded, rather than a %.

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              It looks like our tireless MOD's were kind enough to move the thread.


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                Thanks Bill -- and thank you mods for moving the thread.  I couldn't find an Elements forum so I assumed there wasn't one.


                Actually, the progress bar in my version does tell you what frame it's on.  When I tried to export it just now, it gave up around frame 2328 of 12447.  Frame 2328 would be 01:17:18... which is the middle of a clip, with no titles, no effects, and no transitions, just ordinary video and sound.  30%, the number you suggested, gives frame 3738, which is 02:04:18, which is a different clip but the same deal.


                The exact number varies from attempt to attempt anyway, which is why I think it's a "system memory" problem rather than a problem with a certain moment in the film.  As I said, each part of the film exported fine on its own.


                The videos are all MOV format, 1920x1080, ranging in size from 40 MB to 666 MB (maybe the devil is trying to stop me from exporting).  There are 41 of them, giving a total of 11.9 GB.  The single PNG is also 1920x1080 and 6.02 KB.  The movie's audio is actually muted -- the audio that I successfully exported before was just the original audio from the raw clips.


                I've got 55.3 GB of free space on my C drive and 580 GB of free space on my external drive; Premiere won't successfully export onto either of them.


                Thanks for the link to the KB article, but I'd read it before and it didn't really help.  As it says, "unknown error" really does mean just that.  And it's clear that none of my clips or effects are problematic since they all exported fine when split into chunks.


                I really do appreciate your help!  I don't know too much about computers so if I didn't give you the information you were looking for please let me know.


                Thanks so much,


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                  The MOD's are the best. Glad that they moved the thread.


                  You taught me something, as PrE used to only list a % of the Timeline, and that confused a lot of folk, since the Transcode was 2-pass, and it was a bit abstract to figure things out. PrPro had the exact Frame progress box, and that was much more useful, at least to me. Glad to know that the Frames Transcoded has been added to PrE.


                  Looking over the details, nothing jumps out at me. The free-space on C:\ is getting up there, BUT you should still have enough room. One side-thought, is that, depending on how you have set up your Windows Virtual Memory, that, plus the working files that do go onto C:\ (most, plus the largest ones, will go to where you pointed them with Scratch Disks), there could be a "pinch point," but still, 55GB should be adequate. I usually recommend between 40 & 60GB, but then I have an engineering background, and alway use a heavy "safety factor."


                  Maybe others will notice something, that I am just missing. Meanwhile, let us know if that Adobe KB Article has anything of use.


                  Good luck,



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    You could have  a number of issues.


                    It could be that you're using video that's not compatible with Premiere Elements. You say your source video is 1920x1080 MOVs. What model of camcorder is that video from? If it's from a still camera or a non-camcorder source, it may well use MJPEG or another codec that is giving the program problems.


                    You may also have tmp files or fragmentation on your C drive (or even your second drive). Have you run Disk Cleanup and the Defragmenter on these drives? (Windows has these programs, but you can do a one-click Deep Care tune-up with a great little free program called Advanced System Care Free from iobit.com.) This would definitely be the first thing I'd address! Especially on a Vista machine!


                    You also say you've got a second hard drive, but it's not clear how it's configured with your system. You're working on a laptop -- how is your second drive installed? Is it an internal drive?


                    Finally, you say that you can output your video in short segments. If so, that may be a solution. Output your video in short 10 minute segments using Share/Computer/MPEG with the 1440x1080 MPEG2 setting. You can then open a new project set up for HDV video and assemble all of these segments in it and output your complete movie from there. If your issue is codecs (as I said in my first point) this is a good way to work around this issue.