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    Help! Photo Downloader Cannot Find Card Reader

    robw738 Level 1

      Photo Downloader cannot find the card reader, just indicating <none detected> within the Source Selection.  Refreshing the list does not help.  OSX mounts the volume and other applications have no issue finding the volume.


      Any suggestions on how to resolve this?



      MBP 17 (early 2011)

      OSX 10.6.8


      Lexar Pro ExpressCard CF Reader


      Thanks a bunch!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since you are on a Mac... what formatting is used for the memory card in the card reader?


          I believe a Mac will NOT use a Windows volume that is NTFS, but instead MUST use a FAT/FAT32 volume

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            Barbara B. Level 7

            No, a mac just can't write to that. It should read it.


            What happens if you use image capture instead? Does that see your card?


            Frankly, there's no percentage in using the mac downloader, since you have to launch it manually every time anyway. Just set image capture for No Application and then drag the folder with the images to wherever you want to keep it, then use File>Get Photos>From Files and Folders instead.

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              robw738 Level 1

              Mac OSX can R/W to FAT32 and NTFS volumes, no problem.


              Image Capture does not detect the memory card in ExpressCard reader.  I think this is because Image Capture supports only USB and Firewire ports and not ExpressCard.


              I can manually copy the images from the ExpressCard reader using File>Get Photos>From Files and Folders with no issues but with this multi-step method it is quite a nuisance when Photo Downloader should do this in one step.


              From what I understand about using Photo Downloader is it will automatically create new subfolders in the destination folder with the new subfolder names based on the shoot date of the image, it will automatically copy the image files from the memory card to these new subfolders and it will automatically import the images into PSE Organizer. This seems to be hugh advantage for using Photo Downloader.


              BTW, Canon ImageBrowser MemoryCard Reader Utility has no issues with the ExpressCard reader.  I just want the ability to use Photo Downloader without having the extra step of using the Canon application.


              I can connect the camera via the USB port and Photo Downloader detects the camera images without issue.  But it is a pain to have the DSLR plugged into the laptop in addition to the slow transfer speed.


              I think the issue is with Photo Downloader not supporting the Mac ExpressCard slot.  I hope I'm wrong about this.


              And I wonder why Photo Downloader does not have a manual browse method in addition the the automatic method to select the source location?


              Thanks for the suggestions.

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                Wes Duenkel Level 1

                I have the same problem. Photo downloader doesn't "see" the CF card in the expresscard slot. This is unacceptable! SOMEONE DROPPED THE BALL! HELP!!!