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    Product pricing by weight




      I thought I had posted this but it has disappeared, so here we go again...


      I am trying to set up an online shop and need to price the products by weight. I can't work out how to do this.


      My client sells coffee beans, there are 3 types and each type sells for $8 per 200 grams or $35 per kilo ($5 discount per kilo).


      I would like to set the shop up so the customer sets the weight they would like and the system works out the price.


      Is this possible to do or am I going to have to set up 100s of products going up in 100 gram amounts?


      Hope someone can help.



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          mrgumbyman Level 1

          Hi Andy, unfortunately there is no way to enable the kind of dynamic pricing you're after.

          As you say, you can only create individual products, and variations on that product using the product attributes, or product grouping methods.

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            officeBrah Level 2

            There’s no functionality within Business Catalyst where you will be able to sell products based on the weight, and once the weight is calculated then formulate a price.


            What will need to do is set up grouped products where the customer will then be able to select a pre-determined weight from a grouped selection.


            I believe it may also be possible to implement a workaround, where the customer specifies the weight in the quantity field.


            So for example, if you are selling coffee for 5 cents per gram, they would enter 100 in the quantity field (representing the amount of grams they want) and this will then calculate the total cost as $5.

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              yeahdesign Level 1

              Thanks guys. Thought might be the case. officeBrah, I'll give your workaround a go.