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    how to achieve retina quality images?

    tim.hughes Level 2

      Hi all


      I'm having trouble understanding here, every file size, image dpi and file format we add to our folios give us the same outcome - our images break up at the same point of zoom.


      I'm using images at 300dpi to get a guage of what is best to use in our apps regarding data weight etc.  but inDesign exports using the Effective pixel setting, which renders the source settings useless - if I have gathered that correctly?


      so what I want to know is, how are you supposed to obtain retina quality images when inDesign and the folio tools set your Effective PPI - is there anyway to control this?


      also, what is it that makes the interactivity so heavy regarding data? does anyone know if there's a way to control this?


      Thanks in advance