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    Pass variable from .swc to main application...

    Chipleh Community Member



      I am trying to retrieve data from a compiled .swc that is loaded into the main application. I have a generic function like so:


      public function onSubFormFinishClick(event:MouseEvent):void


                  var applicationCompletedVar:int = 1;

                  trace("Application Complete = "+ applicationCompletedVar);



      ... that is run when the user clicks the Finish button within the custom .swc. I want to be able to pass that parameter to the main application. Can anyone point out examples of how to accomplish this? Using Flash and loading external swfs into an swf, I would simply dispatch a new event and listen for that event and act on hearing the event being passed. being new to Flex, I'm not sure how to accomplish this.


      Thx for any help,