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    Text Entry Box Shortcut


      I have a problem with Captivate 5.5


      When entering Text into a Text Entry Box with a shortcut assigned


           e.g. I have a Password Box where I instruct the user to type 'password'. I have a shortcut on the Text Entry Box of 'd'.


      I expect it to take the user to the next slide/part of the slide as it has recognised not only the word entered but also that the shortcut key has been pressed.

      It works fine in Captivate 4 but seems to be a problem in Captivate 5.5. Sometimes it will take the shortcut, sometimes you have to delete the shortcut and press the key harder and it will recognise it.

      It works without failure everytime in Captivate 4.


      I need it to work 100% everytime in Captivate 5.5


      I have seen a few posts with the same problem but no answer.


      Is anyone else having a similar issue, or can think of a way round this problem.



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I believe this is a known issue.  I've seen the other posts as well and the only fix was to get the users to hit the key harder.  Not elegant I agree.  Feel free to add your voice to those that wanted to see this fixed by reporting it as a bug.

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            ScottGemini Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Rod. That is the only suggestion I have seen also. I Just find it bizarre that it work perfectly in Captivate 4.

            I will report it as a bug in the meantime.


            The only problem I face now is having to recreate all my projects back in Captivate 4 while I wait for a solution.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              HI all


              LOL, y'all are cracking me up with the "hit the key harder" bit.


              Keys on the keyboard are simply switches that control an electrical connection to send signals to the applications. Because of this, they typically aren't pressure sensitive from the standpoint of a harder keypress being interpreted one whit differently than a softer keypress. It's like slamming the old style telephone down in the thought "that'll show 'em!". Sure, it does you good by allowing you to vent frustration, but the phone and the recipient won't care because all that really happened was that the electrical switch was triggered to disconnect the call.


              My thought here is that it's all about the timing involved. Perhaps check the pausing points?


              Cheers... Rick


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                RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I know it SOUNDS bizarre, but I distinctly remember this issue cropping up before on the forum, maybe a year or two back.


                Scott, you say you found other posts mentioning the same issue where the solution was to push harder on the key.  Can you remember how you found those threads?  Rick's disbelief has got me intrigued now.  I want to make sure my memory isn't playing tricks on me.

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                  ScottGemini Level 1

                  I understand that it cannot be anything to do with the pressure in which a key is pressed. But it genuinely seems that way.


                  Previous threads I have read;






                  From using Captivate 4 it doesnt matter how slowly/quickly or hard/soft a key is pressed it will always work when the shortcut key is pressed and the text matches the valid entries. But in 5.5 it does seem to have something to do with the speed or strength you press a key. I am baffled as to what it could be. It also doesnt seem to be the pause points. As I have them set exactly the same in my captivate 4 project.


                  What are your thoughts Captiv8r?

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Hi all


                    Here is an analogy. To type bold letters, you don't strike the keys harder to make them bold, do you?


                    My point about the timing isn't about how rapidly the key is pressed. Moreover, it's about the timing of when the keypress is sensed. Consider this. If you take something like a Click Box object (which also pauses the slide) and you give it a shortcut key and time it so it appears at perhaps four seconds and pauses after perhaps 4.5 seconds, then ensure its action is configured to Go to the next slide. When the slide plays and the user presses the shortcut key that clicks the Click Box before the appearance point has been reached, it will appear as if the keystroke is being ignored. And in frustration, perhaps the key is banged on really hard. But at the time the key has been banged on really hard, enough time has elapsed so as to allow the Click Box to appear. In this case it will certainly appear that a harder keypress MUST have been what is needed in order to make things work, when in fact, the object simply hasn't appeared yet to become available for clicking.


                    I'm not saying this is the case here. In fact, there could very well be a bug we are seeing with the Text Entry Box. Perhaps the coding of it causes the keypress to be ignored for some obscure reason and only after repeated attempts does it finally work.


                    What I'd suggest as an experiment would be to put this through its paces where you see the shortcut appearing to be ignored. But instead of pressing the key again but this time with much vigor, wait a second or two. Press lightlly. If it fails to respond, press again but hold the key briefly before releasing. My thought here is that it's all in the timing of whatever is going on behind the scenes of when the object is "listening" for the trigger.


                    Of course, only one of the development team can honestly tell us what is going on here. And even then, likely only after they have analyzed things from their coding perspective.


                    Cheers... Rick


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                      ScottGemini Level 1

                      In which case, at what point on the TEB does the pause need to be set. Will it wait until the pause to recognise a shortcut key?

                      it doesnt seem to have anything to do with that, as i can type the word in and not have it work, then delete the last letter and re type it and it then works as the shortcut key.

                      This happens wether the pause has happened or not. Sometimes it will work first time.


                      To me, it seems like a bug and CANNOT be anything else, but I am still interested to see if anyone else is having a similar issue.


                      I also find it hard to believe it is something I am doing wrong as I do not have the problem in Captivate 4.


                      I have reported it as a bug so hopefully I will get a response

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                        Hi Scott


                        Yes, this is currently driving me bananas. I have text entry boxes with the shortcut set to Enter. I also have the TEB button set to invisible and stretched across the entire slide so that the user has the option of pressing Enter or clicking anywhere on screen.


                        I've had this working in Cp5 - no problem. Now I'm using Cp5.5, the Enter key works only sometimes, I have many of these configured (one on each slide) and have compared the set up of each, but some work and others don't.


                        ... and it does appear to be that pressing the Enter key a second time works sometimes, but then sometimes it doesn't as well. I've moved the timing around, but I have not had any success.


                        I really need to understand this, any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.




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                          ScottGemini Level 1



                          I meant to post on here yesterday but got tied up with some of my projects.


                          I actually spoke to Adobe's Helpline yesterday. After 50 minutes of the person on the end of the line trying to understand what I meant I finally got a proper answer. It was as if I was teaching the support technician how to use the software as I went along, which made it even harder to explain my point. They dialled into my machine and after playing around with the pause settings and changing certain properties on the TEB, they finally gave in and told me it was a problem. Which I already knew.


                          I have been given a case number and the problem has officially gone into development.


                          In my case, for my projects, I have also created a way round the problem. The way I was using the TEB was so that when, for example, the password was entered in the password box (the password being password) the correct entry being password, but the shortcut being d it would recognise the shortcut being pressed and automatically move onto the next slide, the next slide would then display a message to press the Okay/Enter button. As this is now a recognised problem at Adobe I have gone ahead and changed my projects.

                          I now get the original slide to say Type the password and then have a click box on the Okay/Enter button which keeps everything in one slide and gets around using the shortcuts. This is NOT how I want it to work, but I need my projects working and cannot wait for Adobe to fix the problem therefore I have changed them all.


                          I hope this makes sense (it does in my head ) but if you want me to explain in more detail let me know.



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                            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Hi folks


                            For the future, please consider bypassing support and submitting a Wish Form/Bug Report. (link is in my sig)


                            Each of these submitted actually end up in front of the development team. (and you save yourself the frustration of dealing with support and teaching them how to use the software)


                            Not only that, but Adobe prioritizes enhancements and bug fixes based on the number of these they receive.


                            Cheers... Rick


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                            • 11. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                              R Thyme



                              I encountered this problem in Feb this year and originally as I was new to Captivate presumed it was something I had done wrong! I had started using Cap 5 originally and thought it was something to do with the re-format of templates in Cap 5.5. I remade all my slides and still the same problem. It really does seem hitting <enter> harder moves the slide on!

                              The intermittence of this problem is very frustrating it changes all the time, sometimes its flawless then you just can’t move the slide forward at all!


                              Regards Adam

                              • 12. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                ScottGemini Level 1



                                Hopefully my reply to Amanda above was helpful to you. I have now got a bug submitted and hopefully this problem will soon be sorted. Not that it matters now as I have changed all my slides, but there definitely is a problem.



                                • 13. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut

                                  I too am having that issue with a click box that has an Enter Key shortcut.  Sometimes you need to hit the Enter Key twice for it to work.  I have it on an assessment module and I'm not sure how it impacts the scoring on that item.



                                  • 14. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                    R Thyme Level 1

                                    I just can't believe they still haven't fixed this bug or they even dared release the software with such a fundamental flaw. How are you supposed to create software simulations with an application which isn't cheap and doesn't work as it should! If this was a Microsoft app then people would be shouting from the roof tops! Wake up Adobe

                                    • 15. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                      ScottGemini Level 1

                                      I am glad to see I am still not the only person frustrated by this! Even though I have nearly finished all of my planned projects by changing the way they work and NOT using shortcuts, I would still like to see a solution from Adobe.

                                      Like I have said in a previous post I have submitted a bug report, it is just frustrating that I have still not been informed of wether the change will be made or when I am likely to see an update.

                                      As R Tyhme also states, the system isn't cheap. Small but fundamental features like this should be working 100% or it makes the TEB shortcuts in software simulations useless!!


                                      The more people who post here just shows how frustrated people are with this. So if you read this and are experiencing the same issue please leave a comment. This should hopefully show how important it is that this feature works!!

                                      • 16. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut

                                        Can i get below infomation regarding this issue.


                                        Is this issues reproducible in Cp 6.0 version??



                                        Can you attach the projects or sample project where the issues is present, so that we can debug and understand more about the issue.

                                        • 17. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                          ScottGemini Level 1



                                          I haven't used Cp 6.0 as when the problem was occuring I was using 5.5. I'm not even considering going to 6 as I am comfortable using 5.5 now that I have a work around. Also, I am not going to pay for 6.0 due to the problems I have encountered in 5.5.


                                          I would attach a sample project, but I have now changed all of my projects to work, therefore no longer have any files where it is a problem. Maybe someone else here could help you out.

                                          • 18. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                            R Thyme Level 1

                                            I haven't used Cap 6, and in fact it was only recently that I found out version 6 was out! I'm not sure if my employers will be happy especially as we upgraded our e-learning suite towards the end of last year so we could use 5.5.

                                            I can show this problem via webex, I would have to check to see if I can release files out?


                                            • 19. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                              DEversole Level 1

                                              I am using version 5.5 of Captivate.




                                              Donna Eversole


                                              <mailto:deversol@comcast.net> deversol@comcast.net 



                                              ....'\  <;


                                              • 20. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                DEversole Level 1

                                                I can attach a file with a slide copy but my project has 52 slides.  I’m currently working with the support staff on an issue of scoring inaccuracy of the project.  Can I get back to you on this?




                                                Donna Eversole


                                                <mailto:deversol@comcast.net> deversol@comcast.net 



                                                ....'\  <;


                                                • 21. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  For the record...I've been working with Captivate since version 1 and on this forum almost ever day since 2006.  I've NEVER seen Adobe give any kind of undertaking to anyone logging an issue as to whether they will or will not fix it and by what date.  If you logged a bug with Microsoft or Apple, I doubt you'd get any different response.  It's just business.


                                                  So by all means log the issues, and you are correct that if MORE people log the issue the likelihood it will be fixed increases.  But expecting Adobe to give you some kind of personal commitment or a deadline for fixes will only increase your frustration levels.

                                                  • 22. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                    ScottGemini Level 1

                                                    Thats okay RodWard, but it doesnt help does it.


                                                    I am frustrated by the fact that there is such a problem in the first place, so I do not think I can get any further frustrated. Unfortunately I do not know the protocol for bug fixes as it isnt stated when you submit one.


                                                    I just hope people are reading this and submitting the same bug so that it is picked up by Adobe.


                                                    What is the chance of 5.5 being updated in your opinion? If the problem is dealt with will I be updated, or will I be advised to go onto Cap 6.0?


                                                    Its hard to talk to support at Adobe as I mentioned before I had to teach them how to use the system that they were supposed to be helping me with. So I guess asking you is probably easier?

                                                    • 23. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                      RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                      The link to the bug report or enhancement request form is always found on the forums. Captiv8tr told you in his post above that the link was in his signature,


                                                      To save you looking for it again, here it is:


                                                      I don't know if the issue has been resolved yet in Cp6, and since it's a bit random anyway, there's no guarantee that if I tested it on my setup that this would mean it would work for you. 


                                                      If you want to see if the issue is resolved in Cp6, all you have to do is download and install the trial version, upgrade or recreate a small project that evidences the issue, and see if it works any better.

                                                      • 24. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                        R Thyme Level 1

                                                        I think this needs to be resolved in 5.5 people should not be forced to upgrade to 6, it worked fine as far as I am aware in v5. Anyway I don’t want to know if it works in v6 as I have no intention in purchasing this at the moment. As we have all already said this glitch stops a fundamental process which should work. I’m sorry but its rubbish and I think its poor that I am having to write this. Other software companies have bugs as well but if this was a Microsoft app I reckon it would be fixed, again it’s a fundamental feature that just doesn’t work.

                                                        • 25. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          I beg to differ...but...this is an intermittent issue that has been notoriously difficult to pin down.  Yes it does occur, and nobody is denying that.  That we (Adobe included) would like to see it fixed is also a given because no sane successful software company turns a blind eye to annoying bugs. 


                                                          But in order for them to do so, they need to be able to reproduce it from sample files.  A few posts ago on this thread Vish from Adobe asked if anyone could send him project files that show the issue in order to research it, but as far as I can see in the threads, only one person offered to do so.  So Adobe IS willing to look into this for you.  How did you help them resolve it?


                                                          If you REALLY want to see this issue fixed (as opposed to just complaining about it) then send some files to Adobe.  No one is asking you to send proprietary information.  Just mock up a small project that shows the issue and send them to Vish on the email address he provided.


                                                          If this was a Microsoft app and you complained about some issue but were unwilling to send them the required files to debug it, then I fail to see how they would be any further ahead than Adobe.  I don't work for Adobe and they don't pay me.  But I grow somewhat tired of people bagging them for issues when they're making every effort to do the right thing.

                                                          • 26. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                            R Thyme Level 1

                                                            I am happy to send some files in, how do i go about this and i will send a cut down version of the project that went live.


                                                            I hope this helps?


                                                            Cheers Adam

                                                            • 27. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                              ScottGemini Level 1

                                                              It is rather annoying that you are bringing this up Rod, because I have sent them files, as well as having them dialled into my computer for over an hour.


                                                              They have seen the issue. They have my files. They are fully aware of the problem.


                                                              You say "as opposed to just complaining about it", but I am not just doing that.


                                                              If you dont work for Adobe then why is it such a problem for you? I have done what has been asked, they have all the necessary information. We arent just "bagging" them for issues. This is tried and tested and right in front of their eyes.


                                                              Stop winding people up! Because that is what you are doing to me.

                                                              • 28. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                NarutoCaptivate Level 1

                                                                Hi Scott,


                                                                Can you please send me the Cp 5.5 files where you are finding this issue as either attachment through mail to mathkyar@adobe.com or

                                                                Upload the files to Acrobat.com and send me the links.



                                                                • 29. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                  RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                  My apologies.  If you've already sent files into Adobe, that's great.  Well done.  Hopefully more people will follow your example.


                                                                  (By the way, for others wanting to know how to send files, you can attach files to the Bug Report when you log it.)


                                                                  However, I stand by my advice that if this issue is VERY important to you then you should at least download and test the trial version of Cp6 to see if the issue has been resolved.  If Cp6 resolves it then you at least know one way to solve it. 


                                                                  Whether Adobe chooses to release a patch for Cp5.5 is anyone's guess, but my personal observation is that they would only be likely to do this if many users were complaining about the same thing.  As annoying as this issue might be, it has only cropped up very infrequently in the forums as far as I can remember.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                    ScottGemini Level 1



                                                                    As I stated before i have already spoken to Adobe helpline who have been on my machine and seen the problem, and also took the files. I will not be uploading them again as I am currently busy.

                                                                    • 31. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                      ScottGemini Level 1



                                                                      Again as I said before, it is madness to even try Cap 6.0 as it should be functionality working in 5.5. I will not be spending anymore money upgrading.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                        RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                        Oh well, I guess it's just not that important then.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                          ScottGemini Level 1

                                                                          Its VERY important. But why should I pay to upgrade to 6.0 when 5.5 isnt working to how it should be.


                                                                          I do not have the money to just upgrade because some functionality is missing in the version I have already spent alot of money on.


                                                                          No wonder people pirate software. That way there is no loss if the software doesnt work correctly.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                            R Thyme Level 1

                                                                            Hi Vish


                                                                            I have sent you a file to the address you have provided.


                                                                            Have fun.



                                                                            • 35. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                              Scott, you're really missing a golden opportunity here. 


                                                                              Vish isn't just some Adobe support flunky reading a script of the screen in front of him to try and diagnose an issue he knows nothing about.  He's one of the Adobe Captivate Dev Team members.  He's one of the dudes that builds this app, and he's offering to PERSONALLY take a look at the issue for you!  All you have to do is take a few minutes to send him some files.  He's not asking you to spend any money.


                                                                              If as you say it is "VERY important", and you wanted ANY chance whatsoever of getting a fix for Cp 5.5 (let alone Cp6) then THIS is your chance.  Don't muff it.


                                                                              And for the record...Talking up "pirating software" on a software manufacturer's web user forum is NOT going to win you ANY points with the people you expect to help and support you.  They'd be quite within their rights to regard that as offensive.  Bad move.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                                DEversole Level 1

                                                                                I worked with Vishal at Captivate Support to correct the issue.  It is important to make sure the settings under actions are set to go to next slide upon Enter, when using a textbox with a shortcut keystroke.  I finally got it to working correctly with these settings.








                                                                                Donna Eversole


                                                                                <mailto:deversol@comcast.net> deversol@comcast.net 



                                                                                ....'\  <;


                                                                                • 37. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                                  DEversole Level 1

                                                                                  I  see my settings picture did not post. 

                                                                                  Under the Action setting make sure that " Go to next slide is selected"  upon use of Enter(or shortcut key).  Specify the number of attempts and upon last attempt...."Continue" is selected.


                                                                                  By using this setting with a textbox and shortcut key, the assessment module works as it should.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                                    R Thyme Level 1

                                                                                    DEversole, i think its safe to say after nearly 2 months of looking at why this didn't work and involving atleast 2 qualified Captivate tutors that 'Go to next slide is selected" upon use of Enter(or shortcut key). Specify the number of attempts and upon last attempt...."Continue" is selected' was looked at...!!!!!


                                                                                    Its in Adobe hands and maybe it can get resolved.???

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Text Entry Box Shortcut
                                                                                      DEversole Level 1

                                                                                      All I can say is that Vishal looked at my file and that was the thing that fixed the issue in my assessment module.  It works now and I had built it correctly with the exception of those settings.  I am very satisfied with how my issue was resolved with Vishal’s help.




                                                                                      Donna Eversole


                                                                                      <mailto:deversol@comcast.net> deversol@comcast.net 



                                                                                      ....'\  <;


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