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    Swf within a Swf scoring issue


      I've created a flash file (my project) that is loaded into another swf (our player) file on our site. When I test the project file on my computer the scoring displays correct at the end of the lab. When it is loaded into our  swf player on the site the score doesn't display. I'm at a lose for why this is happening. If someone could provide me with some direction I would be very thankful.



      // Declare variable

      var numOfCorrect:int = 0;


      // Every time someone click the correct selection it adds one to the score

      function correct(e:MouseEvent):void{





      //I have a text box with the name yourScore


      yourScore.text = numOfCorrect + " out of 5";




      It is very basic code so I have no idea what is isn't working. My only guess is there is some kind of conflict once it is loaded into an external swf. What would I do in this case? Thanks.