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    latest versions affect auto-scrolling to anchors

    flatpack-music Level 1

      i have a couple of sites live right now built with muse - both are one-pagers using anchor points to allow menu-based navigation.





      these were working fine until i last updated them (the first time i had done it since the last muse update) and now the scrolling doesn't work properly any more.


      i'm using safari as my browser, but have had reports from my clients suggesting that they are seeing the same issues at their end.


      you can see the issue if you click on 'kaartverkoop' at the noordfolk site, or 'music' at the friensemblet site. the scrolling stops short of where it should and leaves you hanging. a second click takes you to where the first should have. once the site has done this once it appears to right itself and not do it again.


      i've also noticed that where the sites i built using this process before the lastest muse update don't change the content of the URL bar in the browser when you click to scroll to an anchor, these new ones do, so that suddenly you get /#[anchor] at the end of your site address. looking at my own site - http://matmartin.co.uk - also a muse build, i can see that this isn't happening and that the scrolling works fine. i imagine these two differences are linked.


      anyone know what's going on? how to fix this? i'm reluctant to update any more sites if it is going to break their navigation systems.