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    freehand to press-ready PDF for plate output...

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      Through my image setter / plate maker consultant, I set up "virtual-like" print settings, to select when in the Adobe PDF print dialog box.

      The PPD is also selected from within this box, along with which Pantone colors I need to send.


      These virtual presets note the dimensions of my plate film and once set up, do not need to be re-created. I simply select it before hitting 'print'.

      I am in the process of setting up newer ones that emulate the exact size of my film due to some manufacturing changes we made.


      Well, it doesn't seem to like it. As soon as I hit 'print', I get "The entire image will not fit on the selected page. Do you want to print just a portion of the image?"


      Can anyone help or advise? How can I make ~ send a press-ready PDF via Freehand to my printer so he can pull up in the image setter and output as film?



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          I don't have an answer for you but for a quicker answer than this forum, ask the question here:


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            Is your consultant still available to answer your specific situation? What specifically did they tell you to do?


            Do you need the PPD box checked?


            You are allowed to look at the PDF file after it is created. Does it appear to show the entire design without cropping? I can get this error message even when the page prints to PDF fine.



            maeric wrote:


            ...ask the question here:...


            (I would not trust the freefreehand.org forum. There was a bright guy there that challenged Mark Gelotte's (aka "maeric") silly and impossible premise that Adobe should release FH as open source.  Instead of an honest discussion about how that would never happen because of established law, Mark just banned the guy from the FFH forum. Now the court has officially told Mark and FFH to forget about open sourcing FH. FFH does not appear to be operated by geniuses.  ...and the nonsense about releasing FH to opensource still remains on their homepage, even after the court ruling.)