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    Continuing Bridge Cs6 problems

    DF Wilkinson Community Member

           Have been close to a month now and no Bridge? Have uninstalled CS6 again. How can you do a Beta with half the program. Since the Bridge anomally seems to be happening in Windows and Mac, it would seem someone could figure this out.

      To recap once more:

      OS Mac 10.7.3, PS CS5 is not running, download of CS6 OK, PS CS6 opens OK, Bridge CS6 opens existing Bridge CS5. This is usable with PS CS6 by toggling back and forth But it is Bridge CS5. Under Bridge file associations the opening process does change the CS5 Bridge files to CS6 However a reset and open still generates a Apple crash report to Apple. No report is generated to Adobe?? Then a retry opening Bridge CS6 again sets the CS5 files to 6 but opens Bridge CS5. This is true whether the launch is out of Applications,PS, or Mini Bridge.

      So - I would hope this is resolved before the final version comes out?? Will there be a good discount for half a program?