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    3ds max Model to AE


      if I import a 3ds max form "model" into the After Effects can I Manipulate it and apply any type of effect on it ??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot import any 3D geometry into AE without plug-ins or workarounds like the PS Live 3D import. and all of those require the models to be in 3DS, OBJ or Collada formats which you need to export from MAX in the first place.



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            alialjawhari255 Level 1

            sure you can Import Geometry from 3ds Max to AE check this out :


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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Sorry, that's incorrect.  That's a tutorial for rendering an image sequence for use in AE.  It has nothing to do with importing a 3D model a 3D application into AE.  If you were to turn that sequence into a 3D layer, you would see that once you rotated it, it's still 2D... just rotating in 3D space. There's no depth to it.

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                alialjawhari255 Level 1

                Do you mean that this Rendered image from 3ds max cannot be dealt with in AE as a 3d form lets say if I want to make the effect of a Terrain Scan by importing a 3d rendered image and applying the effect to it , can it be done ?

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  I don't know what "terrain scan" means, but Dave is correct: when you render video from a 3D application and import it to AE, it is a flat video file. It has nothing to do with the question of importing 3D models, and retains no 3D characteristics within AE.  


                  The only way to deal with true 3D object imports in AE is to use Photoshop Live 3D import, as Mylenium mentioned, or a third party plugin like Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator.

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                    dh91 Level 1

                    Exporting cameras from one program to the other seems to be pretty easy, and makes working with the PNG sequences not as limiting as you may think. Lets say you have a camera move in 3ds or any other program, with your model (lets assume the fighter jet from the tutorial). You render out the animation with an alpha channel. Then export the 3d camera for After Effects. Bring it in to After Effects, and you have a 3d camera that mimics the exact moves from the camera in 3ds. You now have your PNG sequence, but this is left as a 2d layer. Anything that is made a 3d layer will move as they should with the perspective given by the 2d layer. You can easily composite skies, elements, whatever you may want.


                    After all, AE is a compositer first, with some incredibly awesome capabilities. The drawback is that it doesn't do true 3d geometery out of the box, and even with plugins it's limited. With a 3d program and After Effects combines, however, that's power.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      As the others already said, you are seriously misunderstanding pretty much every part of the tutorial and it's obvious that you are a beginner. Therefore astart here.