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    Delete Previous Version - file associations

    Curt Y Community Member

      Have a question on file association problems when deleteing previous version of PS.


      For example user bought CS5 and  installed.  File Associations now changed by defauilt to CS5.

      If user un-installs CS4, the file associations now revert back to CS4, even though that version is not on computer.


      Changing file associations is Bridge and in the OS does not solve file association problem.


      One either has to uninstall PS and wipe Adobe files, then re-install latest version, or go into OS registry and make changes.  Registry changes can be difficult for many.


      I am sure when CS6 is released we will again have this same scenero, as outlined above, repeated unless the code has been changed.


      The question is:  In CS6 will this bug have been eliminated?