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    Help with clicks tag

    Julie Cloutier

      I was ask to create an ad banner, I need help with how to track the web click on it, is it what the clicktag is for. What should I do, insert that code but where ?

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          ruthgordy Level 1

          Create Clicktag AS 2.0


          1. Create animation


          2. Add new layer to very top of timeline. (must be at top) Label "clicktag" or Inv button. (It doesn't really matter what you label it)


          3. On first frame of this layer draw rectangle to cover full stage (may go beyond stage dimensions)


          4. Rectangle must have a fill color. You may delete frame around the box. (Make sure alpha slider has some fill percentage before you draw rectangle to enable fill)


          5. Convert this box to a button symbol.  Name clicktag (or button)


          6. Double click on this button or get to edit mode. Select color fill with solid arrow. Click on Properties panel/Fill color and adjust alpha to 0%.


          7. Go back to Scene. Click on first frame of clicktag layer. Select the now invisible button by surrounding with solid arrow tool.


          8. Select properties panel and click on arrow in circle to get Actions panel.


          9. Make sure Actions panel says ACTIONS-BUTTON at top of panel.


          10. Add coding from below:


          on (release) {

          getURL (_level0.clickTag, "_blank");



          11. Send swf/html files along with your target URL to publication


          Good luck

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            Julie Cloutier Level 1

            Thank you very much, this is very very helpful.

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              Julie Cloutier Level 1

              Hi, this discussion was closed month ago but I have a new problem with click tags and I thought maybe if I posted here I could get an answer.


              I have a problem when inserting a click tag and a link. I read that the clickTAG must be on the top layer of the animation, so I put right below it on another layer a button with a link to a website. When I click on the animation, the click tag work but the redirection to the website does not.


              Any idea on how to make a link work while inserting a click tag ?


              Should I put this code on the same button ?


              on (release) {

              getURL (_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");



              on (release) {

                  getURL("http://www.mywebsiteaddressblablabla.com", "_blank");


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                No, you don't put the URL in the banner. Just the first block of code. The URL will come in to the banner as a variable when it's trafficked. Here's a tool you can use to make sure it's set up correctly:


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                  Julie Cloutier Level 1

                  Hi, thank you for your answer but I still have a question.


                  Who will put the url in then if it's not me ? And how should they put it in ?


                  What do you mean by when it gets trafficked ?

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                    J0HNS0N Level 1

                    Is your banner going to run in a big ad network? It's probably going through something like DFA (Doubleclick For Advertisers) or AdSense, who will host your banner and put it in a rotation on a network of sites. The person who sets up the banner to run in this framework is 'trafficking' your banner. WHen doing this, they will assign a URL to the click tag variable which gets found by your swf via flashvars in the embed code. By doing it this way, instead of hard-coding the url in the banner: it makes it easier to change the URL, and enables reporting of how many people clicked through from the banner.

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                      Julie Cloutier Level 1

                      Thank you for this clarification, I will run this by my client. Thanks a lot.