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    Unable to Load Media


      I have audio files within my document that used to work perfectly on ipad and still work perfectly on destop preview. Now (since viewer update?) I get an error message: "Unable to load media. Please check your internet connection or try again later." And... my internet connection is not an issue. Anyone else having this problem?

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          I'm having the same issue with a video. Have you found a resolution to the error?

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            gardnermag Level 1

            This post ended up solving the problem... and many more:



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              buglegirl101 Level 1

              I don't have a slide show on the page with the problem--with is "ERROR, Unable to load media."


              My media is video, but it is the same message.


              I have updated to ID6 -- and new folio tools.  I'm now saving the articles from CS 5.5 to CS 6 and uploading them.  I have the NEW content viewer -- producer tools and the new content viewer version available from the app store -- as of this week.


              My video files worked just fine before that-- I think there is something in the new content player that doesn't like the way my page is configured.   This page has worked with every content viewer back to CS 5 versions.... 




              I'm sure it is a small tweak-- but this hiccup is really annoying!



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                buglegirl101 Level 1

                I've managed to figure out MY problem-- and, in hopes it will help-- here is what I did-- (after the ERROR message came up on my ipad).  Seems I had TWO different problems.


                1. -- VIDEO:  I opened the LINKS panel and checked my files-- I don't have ANY idea how this happened, but my *.mov files were somehow converted to *.fla -- and, as we all know, FLASH is not cool on ipads.  I clicked each file and 'relinked' it to the original file.


                2.  AUDIO:  I opened the LINKS panel and found more than 1 versions of a few files-- sometimes lost in the editing--  so I deleted the files that were duplicates.


                Everything now is OK--


                Hope this is helpful.


                Blessings from Texas,


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                  Yep, changing the video links back to .mov worked great!


                  I had even converted my video files into .f4v as advised by Indesign using Adobe Media Converter!!


                  Relinking them back to the .mov's fixed it.


                  I had also rennamed the objects as advised in James Lockman's post, but that didn't work on the .f4v's, so not sure if you have to do both with video files, my feeling is that as video's are fairly simple, the naming of the objects probably doesn't effect them as much as more complex nested objects.