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    CS4 updating questions


      I'm in newspaper publishing and used CS4 (even taught InDesign for a year) but have not been on it for nearly 2 years.

      Currently at a major daily newspaper using CCI (meh).

      Would like to do up iPad demos of some possibilities for the bosses, but before upgrading to CS5.5 have a couple of questions:


      1) The effects I see on iPad publications such as Newsweek and Vanity Fair (rotating design changes, all buttons bringing up words and pix, tapping on pictures to bring up text, tapping on the tablet to bring up a scrubber bar, slider windows for text, pictures sliding over text in fact boxes — in short, ALL the cool things I see on my ipad) are these effects I can make happen using CS5.5's InDesign and photoshop? Or are those effects from some other application?


      2) If I were to design a one-off app (publication) for demonstration, is it possible to get it onto more than one iPad for bosses to try out using the lowest upgrade aval;able?


      Thanks in advance for any help in answering these questions.


      I just don't want to upgrade unecessarily if what I hope it can do in fact can't be done.