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    Dreamweaver CS3 Just Will Not Run Anymore


      I haven't had any issues running Dreamweaver CS3 until this morning. It just won't run.
      I use Windows 7 SP1 64bit
      But like I said everything ran fine last night and has been running fine since I installed it a couple years ago.

      I've google searched and adobe searched for reasons but am finding nothing that works.

      I've tried removing the, WinFileCache-xxxxx.dat file per one crash page. That didn't help

      I've tried running as administrator, that didn't help, and didn't need to prior.

      I don't have that pesky css bug because I don't use it as a server, I just update pages and FTP myself through a different program.

      I'm not getting any Crash error messages... it just simply will not start.
      My Process Manager in my Task Manager shows everytime I am starting it, so I know it's "trying" to run. Dreamweaver.exe *32



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          wyldwylly Level 1

          Currently the ONLY thing that seams to work in making Dreamweaver CS3 start is by starting my Photoshop CS3 application. After Photoshop is started then Dreamweaver starts...


          How frustrating!

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            wyldwylly Level 1

            omg I'm so frustrated. The 2 most used software on my computer is Dreamweaver and Photoshop...
            I've read all the other complaints that people have had with their version of Dreamweaver crashing or not working again. Nothing is working. And to top all that off Adobe help group isn't helping either. What happened to tech support?


            Anyway, here's the things I've tried:

            1. Rolled back my Video Driver that Windows 7 updated for me to the driver that was working prior.
              = Still Doesn't Work!
            2. Deleted the DAT file inside the Config folder first
              = Still Doesn't Work!
            3. Deleted my Config folder C:\Users\xxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9
              = Moved actually, but = Still Doesn't Work!
            4. Checked for viruses, maleware, etc.,
              = None and Still Doesn't Work!
            5. Started Photoshop then Started Dreamweaver
              = Still Doesn't Work!
            6. I've checked the Processes in the Task Manager, and everytime I try to start Dreamweaver it shows that's it's running... if I don't kill the process, it'll just start a new one.
            7. Reboot, Restart, Replug...
            8. Will a reinstall help? probably not, maybe an unistall, then a reinstall?


            Please help...

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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional

              Tech support stops helping after newer versions are released and they would only support the suppoted operating systems.  CS3's system requirements does not include Windows 7.  CS5 was the first version to support Windows 7. 


              Back to your problem though.  One thing I see that you have not tried is using DW in another user account on the system.  Can you try creating a new user, logging in and repeating the crash steps to check that we are not dealing with OS user account corruption?


              If that doesn't work I think you should be able to run the CS3 installer and only re-install DW if the other applications are working.  I had to do this recently with a shared component failing and I re-installed Fireworks by itself and didn't have to re-activate?

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                wyldwylly Level 1

                Thanks for the reply, SnakEyez02, ya that didn't work either. I tried a standard user and an admin user both just start the process and then that's it, no dialog box, no nothing.


                I will try the installer and see if that helps. ... if I can find it..


                I really don't want to have to purchase again... I hear so many issues with CS5.5 already.

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                  Ben M Adobe Community Professional

                  Based on information that Adobe has made public, there are details about CS6 and given how PS is already a public beta I cannot imagine it being much longer before you start seeing a final product released so I wouldn't recommend CS5.5 at this point for you.  And given Adobe's policy, CS6 will be your last chance to upgrade before you either have to move to the "Creative Cloud" subscription model or purchase a new retail license.  Just something to think about.


                  Actually just found this article:




                  You can upgrade CS3 to CS6 until the end of the year.

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                    wyldwylly Level 1

                    Well, Tried the reinstall / repair feature.

                    Tried to run Dreamweaver, after a reboot (just to see) = Fail!


                    Think I'm going to try to do a complete unistall then clean my registry then reinstall again.


                    Just out of curiousity, I started Photoshop CS3 then Started Dreamweaver CS3 and it works... But it won't boot by itself and I bet if I turn off Dreamweaver it won't restart again.
                    Just before doing this though I changed the compatibility mode to run in XP SP3


                    Guess I'll have to leave the computer running for awhile with these apps going.


                    Thanks for the heads up with CS6

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                      Fred Riley Level 1

                      I have exactly the same problem with CS3 and Windows 7, and like you the Task Manager reports a DW process running. Flash CS3 runs fine.  I've been running around in circles for two hours trying to find solutions. The closest I've come is an article at http://forums.adobe.com/message/4099628 in which a highly (and understandably) frustrated user describes a convoluted way of getting DW to run on Windows 7. The cause of the problem appears to be a 'licencing issue' (sigh) with Acrobat, of all things. It would be nice if Adobe were to comment on the problem and suggest fixes, but plainly they want us to be 'upgrading' to later versions of CS. The company has become a Microsoft clone.


                      I've copied the steps that the poster recommends below in case they're of help to fellow sufferers, but I'll probably not carry them out as I only use Dreamweaver in CS3, and there are plenty of Open Source web development environments and HTML editors out there that I don't need to faff about with Adobe's baroque overpriced bloatware.






                      As always, I figured it out on my own. I found my notes from the last time this happened.


                      Forgive me for my frustration, but I find it unacceptable that the Adobe Techs can't help. It's not about running the program in a previous Windows program, but following these instructions.


                      I honestly believe Adobe wants me to buy a new version when not necessary. And YOU DON'T HAVE TO! I hope this surfaces in the top Google searches.


                      TO INSTALL CS3 ON WINDOWS 7 64 BIT.


                      1. uninstall CS3


                      2. reinstall CS3, but don't start any application, because it will hang.


                      3. go to adobe and download all updates for acrobat 8 (up tp 8.1.7)


                      4. install all the updates in sequence.


                      5. go to http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/ … ftpID=3750 and download the file, make sure to read the instructions before running the file.


                      6. here's the post on the licensing issue: http://forums.adobe.com/message/1314723


                      7. run the licensing file per the instruction.


                      8. restart


                      Gee, should I work for Adobe?

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                        Appears to be a possible conflict with Windows Aero, at least it was on my workstation.  I was finally able to get it to work by changing the following settings ....


                        1. Right-click on the Dreamweaver shortcut and select Properties.
                        2. Switch to the Compatability tab.
                        3. Under the Settings section, select 'Disable visual themes' and 'Disable desktop composition'.  (It typically worked without disabling the visual themes, but another time it didn't so I just left it checked.  I'm pretty sure all settings are restored when you close DReamwevaer anyway.)


                        I guess you could disable Windows Aero altogether, or at least the Aero Peek feature, but I like both and really didn't want to see them go.  This option gave me the best of both worlds.  Hope this helps!