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    Capturing video from a WDM Device


      I am trying to import video from our camera (a Sony DV camera from 1997!)


      It worked with dv-firewire before, but now it isn't working, and we think there might be a problem with the dv connection on the camera...

      We have WinTV 7, which captures and records television to the TV, and is connected with a "Hauppauge! USB-Live|2 Analogivideo digitizer"

      So I unplugged the TV inputs from it, & plugged the camera in w/ component cables, and Premiere is able to recognize it, but it imports it with the bottom quarter of the file as a green bar. My project settings are standard definiion (4:3), so I don't understand why the imported video is being squished and has a green bar on the bottom of it.


      Any ideas? I tried using the WinTV software and changing settings in there (in case that somehow controls the device's settings to...), I made sure that too is set to 4:3...I tried right-clicking in the capture window and played with the capture settings & device control....nothing!



      I've attached a picture.....where you can clearly see the green line I'm referring to.


      Help would be appreciated!


      adobe help printscreen [50%].jpg