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    Why does the 'download timeout' after only 2min at 47%


      The Problem


      Installing Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox. Originally I was trying to update it, now I can't get any form of it installed (as I uninstalled everything).


      When downloading from the official site, it goes through the motions until it gets to a progress bar. The first bar says 'Initialising'. It stays at 0%, then jumps to 50%. Jumps back to 0% for a while, before jumping to maxing out the progress bar but with no percentage shown.

      The text at the beginning of the progress bar then changes to 'Retrieving Install' at 0%. After a few moments, a pop up asks about update preferences - I chose 'automatic updates' and click 'ok'. The progress bar has now now flicked directly to 'Adobe Flash Player 11' at 0%, and italic small print has appeared underneath saying 'Downloading'. Progress jumps to 7%, jumps to 47% and immediately goes grey, with the small print showing 'Download Timeout'.


      When downloading through the Firefox plugins manager, or following the popup banner, there is always a connection problem that states 'Firefox was unable to find the server' or something like that, on the screen in the wizard that should be asking me if I agree to the terms and conditions. It lets me click 'agree' to invisible terms, but beyond that it just fails.



      My Attempts To Solve It


      I'm at my wits end, I've tried everything I can think of. I saw a similar discussion that suggested a comprehensive clean install, going into that system 32 file and deleting 4 files that said flash in the title (basically) - did that, no avail. I've tried restarting firefox and my computer, I've tried the troubleshooting suggestions, I've tried downloading directly from Adobe, tried searching for manual Firefox plugins, looked through every forum Google suggests and have even changed the time of my clock to ignore daylight saving time on one suggestion. I've disabled anti virus software, I've checked my specs are high enough, I've checked the internet connection is fast enough, I've removed every trace I can find of earlier flash players, I've updated Windows, checked for Firefox updates. Can anyone think of anything else?



      My Specs


      Compaq laptop

      Windows 7 32 bit

      Mozilla Firefox 11

      I also have Internet Explorer 7 installed, and I used to have Google Chrome, though I've uninstalled it through the control panel


      Adobe plugin NOT installed (I'm unable to find it)

      Shockwave Flash Player plugin is installed